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New-generation BMW M2 Coupe spotted in the wild

A new prototype of the BMW M2 Coupe was spotted around the Arctic Circle while the German company was conducting new tests. The 2016 BMW M2 is slated to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year, therefore, there’s no time to lose for BMW. We’ve already seen several spy images with this model in [...]

BMW X4 finally caught on film

Ever since it was announced and presented in concept version, the BMW X4 has been on the radar of photographers world wide. Recently it seems the “baby X6″ has finally broken cover and revealed its shapes on a test run. The eager photographers didn’t miss the chance and thus we finally get spy shots of [...]

Spy Photos: 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe

Photographers from Carpix have provided the first images of the new BMW 6 Series Coupe during testing. Until reaching the test’s place, those from BMW transported the prototype on a platform, as you’ll see in the spy shots. BMW engineers are testing the new BMW 6 Series Coupe, a model that will debut most probably [...]

Spy Photos: New Generation BMW 6 Series

New spy photos with the future generation of the BMW 6 Series on the road appeared on the Internet. Although the car is hidden pretty much under the camouflage, we can make a pretty clear idea about how it will look. A small problem remains unclear: it’s the coupe-cabrio version in the pictures or not? [...]

Spy photos with the new 2011 BMW 6 Series

If you’re looking on the internet for spy photos with any BMW car, I bet that most of those spy photos will be with this 2011 BMW 6 Series because as I remember, in the past time when we talked about some spy photos, we certainly talked about a 2011 BMW 6 Series prototype. As [...]

Spy Photos: The new BMW M5 F10

The new BMW M5 F10 came in one of the last phases of testing, being prepared to debut at Geneva Motor Show in 2011. The model will be equipped with a V8 bi-turbo 4.4-liter engine that will develop over 550 hp. Engineers are testing the new BMW M5 F10 with a very thin layer of [...]

Spy Shots: BMW 5-Series Touring

Here we have the BMW 5-Series Touring spy shots, the car is literally naked, with less camouflage at the rear and a part of roof. After the release of the 2011 BMW 5-Series Sedan, we didn’t heard alot about the touring version of 5-Series. Even the rear of the car is covered, we know certainly [...]

Spy Photos: BMW M3 Convertible Facelift

Yes, another spy photos of the new BMW M3 Convertible but this time the color is different because in the last spy photos the car was blue and this one is white as you can see. Talking about the colors, if I would have enough money for this new BMW M3 Convertible, I would choose [...]

Spy Photos: 2010 BMW 3-Series Coupe and Convertible Facelift

BMW 3 Series Coupe and Convertible facelifted seen on german roads. Compared to previous versions, there are major changes, mostly at the front-end. The spy shots suggest that the cosmetic changes on the two-door models will be more subtle than on their sedan and estate siblings. At the interior, the changes are expected to be [...]

New Spy Photos: BMW M5 F10

Again, BMW M5 F10 has been caught testing. As you can see, the camouflage is exactly the same like at the second spy photos but these are still new spy photos of BMW M5 F10. There are also other news: BMW confirmed turbo V8 will replace V10 on 2011 BMW M5 F10.

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