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BMW 3 Series Carbon Sport Edition for Netherlands

BMW decided that is the appropriate time to introduce a new special edition for the current 3 Series (E90) model. The new model is called the Carbon Sport Edition and will be exclusively available in the Netherlands. Under the bonnet, the German model will get only six-cylinder engines coupled to automatic transmissions. At the exterior, [...]

VIDEO: More about the BMW M3 CRT (E90) special edition

Here are some extra details about the newest special edition dedicated to the current-generation BMW M3. We previously talked on this subject but today we will get deeper into the details as the new “Carbon Racing Technology” package brings a little bit more than the previous special editions revealed by BMW, mainly for the Chinese [...]

BMW Releases Yet Another Limited Edition: The M3 Tiger

BMW seems to be on a roll with the releases of limited or special edition models. After just releasing the M3 Frozen Edition in South Africa, now it is time for the People’s Republic of China to celebrate BMW’s 25th anniversary of the M 3 Series. And since it’s the year of the tiger in [...]

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