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BMW i3 airbags

BMW recalls some i3 and 2014 Mini Cooper

Recalls are not that uncommon nowadays, with various manufacturers either forced or from their own volition trying their best to fix the mistakes that find their way in. BMW recently had to recall some models, or rather to expand an older recall. The issue is related to the airbag system, […]

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3 years ago
BMW 2010-2012 Models Back in Factory for Loose Bolts

BMW 2010-2012 Models Back in Factory for Loose Bolts

The BMW German luxury car manufacturer has issued a factory recall for its 2010-2012 models, which seems to have issued with its bolts. The factory recall is available for particular vehicles being equipped with inline six-cylinder units, with around 156,130 being called back in factory all over the US. The […]

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4 years ago
BMW Recall

BMW expands its recent massive recall

We mentioned last week that the German car maker BMW has issued a huge recall in China, involving a large portion of the sedans, the SUVs and even the Z4 roadster. The issue involved an engine bolt with a manufacturing fault, which, in a few cases, can come loose and […]

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4 years ago
Engine Control System

BMW to recall 232.098 units in China

Last year BMW pushed hard into the new market on the Asian continent. I am speaking about the Chinese market, which has opened wide in the last period. Unfortunately for the German car maker, it seems that their start in China was a bit flawed. A massive recall has been […]

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BMW issues big motorcycle recall

It seems that the US authorities have found out yet another fault with BMW products, with a recent motorcycle issue uncovered. And while these things can cost a manufacturer quite some money, it’s far better than the alternative. It seems that the German car maker will have to recall 2.475 […]

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BMW Recall

BMW recalls more than 176,000 N20 and N26 engines

BMW announced that about 176,000 units fitted with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol unit (N20 and N60 engines) will be recalled due to a defective oil plug. We talk about 2012 to 2014 model years, several models such as the BMW 320i, 328i, 528i, sDrive28i and sDrive28i alongside their respective xDrive […]

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BMW’s recall extends into Australia

Recently BMW issued a recall involving the E70 BMW X5, with 1.540 units being called into the shops for fixes. The problem discovered by the NHTSA put the fuel filter heater at fault, and while no incidents cause by it were registered, there are certain risks. While at first the […]

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5 years ago
E70 BMW X5

BMW recalls 30,000 E70 BMW X5

If you own an E70 BMW X5 with 8-cylinder engine which was produced between October 2006 and March 2010 you have to go to the nearest BMW Dealer because your BMW has issues with power brake failure. Your E70 BMW X5 has a problematic vacuum hose and the brake power […]

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BMW Recall

BMW issues an important recall in the United States

It seems that the Germans at BMW face a quite delicate situation in the States where they have to recall more than 500,000 units. According to initial details, the main problem is caused by the positive battery cable connector which due to the high current flow and heat may lead […]

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5 years ago
2002 BMW 3 Series

BMW recalls over 240,000 3 Series models

The Germans from BMW are forced to recall more than 240,000 3 Series models due to possible faulty tail lights. The information comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which says that certain models built between September 1, 2001 and March 1, 2005 may be affected. The American […]

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