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Junking Your Car? What to Do With Your BMW Auto Parts

BMW US sales lowered

As you might expect, we are talking about the economic crisis again. If the effect of this problem wouldn’t be visible enough, let’s take a look at a few numbers. In December of 2008, BMW has managed to sell 21.626 units of its cars in the United States. One year before, a few months before [...]

More BMW recession problems?

The CEO of the car marker Fiat has recently made an interesting statement. Apparently, the crisis is having an important effect on the people from Fiat and they don’t want to take any chances. They have declared that they will take any measure necessary for the month of January, because they have no idea how [...]

BMW price increases

BMW price increases, at the moment, only in America. In fact, the price increase will take place starting with 1st of January 2009. The people from BMW North America have considered a 0.7% increase in all of their prices as necessary. The reason is obvious for anyone: the global economic crisis is starting to affect [...]

BMW – Crisis measures

BMW is taking one more crisis measure because they don’t want to risk anything in this period. In these times, you won’t realize how hard it is to make budget cuts and figure out which projects should be continued and which ones can be delayed. BMW and most automakers have to come up with solutions [...]

California Air Resources Board vs BMW

The BMW 335d and X5d were close to not passing the CARB. These diesel cars needed special approval in order to be legally sold in the state of California. Both cars have been conditionally certified because of the rough standards on emissions. BMW is allowed to start selling their vehicles, but with each sale a [...]

25% BMW sale decrease

BMW had a great success on the auto market in the last few years, especially in 2007. However, in November, a 25% decrease in sales has been noticed. The people from BMW are not worried because something like this is normal on the global economy background. Many automakers have bigger problems, and BMW has a [...]

BMW recession problems

BMW has been trying to outsell Mercedes-Benz in the last years and most of their efforts eventually paid off. In the last 10 years, BMW has managed to sell twice as many cars as they’ve used to, being the best premium car seller on the market. Everyone agrees that they’ve made a huge progress, but [...]

BMW M3 downshift problem

Apparently, 2500 BMW M3 had a few problems with the double clutch gearbox. It only happens on the 2008 and 2009 M3 model and only if it has the DCT double clutch transmission. It seems that the problem appears on the downshift and BMW has developed a solution. If you don’t know if your car [...]

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