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BMW in Mexico

Thursday will bring the final decision on BMW Mexico plant

BMW is still expanding, as business is going rather well, and the region that seems to need some more production capacity is America. For a while now, there have been rumors about a new BMW plant in Mexico, but no official confirmation has been issued yet. However, Thursday promises to [...]

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BMW South Africa

BMW stopped investing in South Africa

The current socio-political climate in South Africa continues to hurt outside investment, with protests going well beyond the two month mark. Among the companies that are feeling the brunt of these protests we state Toyota, Volkswagen and the Bavarian car maker, BMW. BMW has already kept the production offline for [...]

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BMW will build a new plant in central or eastern Europe

BMW will build a new plant in central or eastern Europe

Looking to expand they production capacity, BMW has decided to reserach the emerging countries in central or eastern Europe. That would include countries like Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, or Croatia. The reason for this is simple. Poor countries equals low production costs, cheap labor but hopefully not [...]

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BMW Plant

BMW will reduce working hours in January

Nearly 9,000 BMW workers will have a short program of work in January, the Germans expecting to decreases in sales for certain models. BMW announced today that they will reduce working hours for 8800 employees in January, provided that German producer expects a drop in demand for certain models in [...]

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BMW extending more in China

BMW extending more in China

BMW increases its production capacity in China and will build another plant in this country during the year 2010. For this achievement, BMW is investing 735 million dollars in China. Bavarians from BMW will invest 735 million dollars in China to increase the production capacity. So BMW and their partners [...]

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