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BMW’s plans of selling its latest electric vehicles on worldwide markets

BMW i3 and i8 are the latest electric vehicles that the German car maker pushed up front and as expected, plans for gaining the general interest are still under development. These days for instance BMW has announced that the main markets for selling i8, the unit that should be officially introduced this year during Frankfurt [...]

BMW: Smaller, Lighter, Better

Great victories require lots of smaller ones, at least this is beginning to be the thought process of BMW when it comes to it’s strategy in the future. Because of the world’s trends and evolving markets, especially in China, BMW tries to plan ahead of it’s main rivals Lexus and Mercedes and slowly but surely [...]

BMW plans to offer four cylinder diesels for U.S.A.

There are coming BMW cars with four cylinder diesel engines under the hood of these vehicles. People are saying that these engines are as good as the six cylinders so there are few differences and probably also with big differences of money, if not is still worth to buy a six cylinder BMW instead of [...]

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