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BMW Concept 5 Series GT – Photo Gallery and Details

The BMW Concept 5 Series GT (PAS) was unveiled in Munich a few days ago. You have seen a lot of pictures with BMW 5 Series GT from there and we want to share with you some new information about this beautiful concept. First of all, I will let you see some new pictures with [...]

BMW PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan) – Official Teaser Video

BMW PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan) is officially on the internet with a teaser video. People from BMW published first teaser video with BMW PAS a couple of hours ago.

BMW PAS remains on the table

With the economic crisis, more and more companies are giving up on their expensive projects. Even so, BMW has no plan on canceling one of the most interesting projects of 2009, the BMW PAS. This car was designed with a clear propose. It will be cheaper than the 7 Series and more expensive than the [...]


After the appearance of a few spy photos of the BMW PAS, some graphic designers have tried to offer us a closer look at the BMW PAS. Some of these pictures are only virtual, but some of them might be really close to reality. In 2009, we will finally be able to look at the [...]

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