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F15 BMW X5 with night vision tested on the road

A couple of months ago, BMW presented us with a working demo of what was then supposed to be their next safety feature that will allow drivers to get home safely even in the darkest nights. Consisting of a front mounted thermal camera and a bunch of other sensors, the feature allows not just to [...]

Improved night vision for BMW

As an added security system, premium car makers like BMW, Audi and Mercedes have been using night vision. And this technology has been in use for a while. But BMW decided it is time to up the ante. Starting this summer, BMW will be installing on their cars a new and improved night vision system [...]

BMW Night Vision

I heard and read a lot of things about the night vision that comes with the new BMW models; some are very good, some are very bad, nothing at the middle. People talks about the night vision on BMW from at least one year when some spy photographers caught in pictures a M3 facelift that [...]

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