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BMW S1000RR tuned by AC Schnitzer with photos and details

I have to say that I don’t remember to have ever talked about a tuned motorcycle but now we are really going to talk about a tuned motorcycle or better said, we are going to talk about the BMW S1000RR which is tuned by Ac Schnitzer and I have to say by now that it [...]

BMW S1000RR pulling the tablecloth

Here is another cool video from BMW that I am going to talk about and I hope you also like this video as much as I do. I like the fact that it is made with that “BMW smell” or probably because of the professionalism that they proved by making this cool video. Anyway, in [...]

Details and photos about BMW Motorcycle Fuel-Cell Concept

I must say that I was really missing a cool concept from BMW but this time I have the chance to see it again and also to talk about it again. We’re talking about a Fuel-Cell concept motorcycle which can also be considered the motorcycle of the future talking about the aspect and also about [...]

The valves of BMW S1000RR working at 14,200 RPM

Some of you may say that this video is not useful and I don’t blame you because I was thinking the same thing at the beginning and I must admit that right now I’m thinking almost the same thing, I changed my perspective just a little bit and probably after you read the full post [...]

BMW R1000RS rendered by Oberdan Rezzi

Here we have to talk about a motorcycle from BMW and I have to say that this happened after a very long time also taking in consideration that now the BMW X5 facelift photos have been posted on the internet. I usually talk about cars so I might not have too many things to say [...]

BMW S1000RR competing with a Corvette

I think that many people would like to know the results of such type of races because there are a lot of differences between a bicycle and a four wheel vehicle or better said, a car. This time we will see something that we would expect to be a close race but after you see [...]

BMW S1000RR First Ride

First I want to tell you that if I would be in the situation to buy a motorcycle, be sure that I would choose a BMW S1000 RR because as you see it looks way too tasty and also we know that BMW is building only vehicles with big powered engines. First, I want to [...]

2010 BMW HP2

When you first look at 2010 BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Motorcycle, you would say that this is a normal bike and has nothing different from other regular motorcycles but as you get used to, the all new BMW brands are now very different than the other motorcycles company. On the internet there are few details [...]

BMW S1000RR prices

BMW announced the UK price for BMW S1000RR  that will be £10,950 . With the sport specifications, it will cost £12,235. The BMW S1000RR sport will have ABS, Gearshift Assist and Dynamic Traction Control. This is what BMW said about BMW S1000RR: ”We intend to take the four Japanese head-on. We did not intend to build a motorcycle like [...]

BMW S1000 RR

BMW S1000 RR now available for pre-order at $13,800, a very small price comparing with the BMW cars. The BMW company is going to build 1000 units in 2010 having a 1000 cc inline-four transversely engine developing 190 horse power wich has an aerodynamic design with many ventilation holes.

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