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BMW Megacity to come with a price tag of €30,000+

BMW Megacity to come with a price tag of €30,000+

According to a statement made by someone within the German manufacturer which said that the new BMW Megacity will have a slightly big price tag than the Nissan Leaf, we assume that the new electric model known as Megacity will have a price of more than €30,000 considering Leaf’s prices. [...]

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Meet the newly registered BMW i sub-brand

Meet the newly registered BMW i sub-brand

BMW decided to fill a registration for something which seems to be a new sub-brand, namely the new MegaCity range. In fact, we talk about new nine models developed by BMW but sold under another name, models which will be named from i1 to i9. These models or at least [...]

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1712 days ago
BMW MegaCity Sketch

BMW Steps on the Gas for Green Car Production

The future is of automobiles looking greener and greener because of the efforts made by the industry leaders to improve their cars and BMW makes no exception. Even more, the manufacturer is planning to increase its workforce in the green segment so that it can fulfill the demands for such [...]

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BMW’s Megacity model to begin at 2012 Olympics in Munich

BMW’s Megacity model to begin at 2012 Olympics in Munich

As we told you in a recent article, and you probably know also, BMW is the official automotive partner for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games from Munich. The well known BMW Megacity project may debute at the 2012 Olympic Games in Munich. The electric model promises zero emissions and an [...]

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BMW MegaCity Sketch

First sketch with the BMW MegaCity expected for 2013

BMW released the first sketch of the compact electric model that will result from the Megacity project. Expected in 2013, the model will adopt an electric engine on the rear axle. About the BMW Megacity project has been written alot but no one was able to pinpoint the design direction [...]

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BMW i10 Megacity

BMW Megacity will be seen at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

According to some reports from German magazine Autobild, the BMW Megacity will see its official debut at the 2011 Franfurt Motor Show. To be honest, I may have gotten a bit more excited than necessary as by then the Bavarians will be showing us the first prototype of the Project [...]

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Norbert Reithofer and the BMW ActiveE

More news on the BMW Megacity

It’s only been about three weeks since we’ve had confirmation of the first BMW series-production of an electric-vehicle coming to the market with the launch of the Megacity Vehicle, scheduled for 2013. Back then, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer stated that this BMW will move the bar and set a new [...]

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Carbon fiber on the BMW M3 Coupe

BMW cars will get more carbon fiber

About a week ago BMW has announced that they will be launching a car named, at the moment, Megacity Vehicle  by 2013. The Megacity Vehicle is destined to be a zero-emission urban vehicle that will feature lightness as it’s key selling point. This lightness will be achieved as a result [...]

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