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BMW to cut Germany workforce

BMW might be reducing its Germany workforce

Right now, BMW isn’t considered as a struggling car maker, rather quite the opposite, as its sales seem to hit new bests every month. This is exactly why we have to wonder why would they consider dropping a part of its Germany workers. According to a report, the premium car [...]

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2012 BMW 3 Series

The new BMW 3 Series to be built in Germany and South Africa

The Bavarians from BMW revealed a long list of details and features of the sixth generation 3 Series and of course, we focused more on the main information such as the appearance, engine range and fuel consumption. Today we can talk more about the other part of specifications, such as [...]

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BMW 1 Series M Coupe

The new BMW 1 Series M Coupe will be pulled out of production in December

Here is some bad news for the fans of the smallest and most affordable M model in BMW’s portfolio. According to Matt Russell, the M brand manager from America, the Germans will end the production of the current 1 Series M Coupe in December this year. Even we knew that [...]

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BMW MegaCity Sketch

BMW Steps on the Gas for Green Car Production

The future is of automobiles looking greener and greener because of the efforts made by the industry leaders to improve their cars and BMW makes no exception. Even more, the manufacturer is planning to increase its workforce in the green segment so that it can fulfill the demands for such [...]

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BMW Logo

BMW Plans to Expand in China

The People’s Republic of China is getting more and more attention from car manufacturers from all over the world because of the rapid pace the car market there grows and BMW has big plans for the country: it wants to become the leader of the luxury car segment there and [...]

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BMW Plant

BMW: Smaller, Lighter, Better

Great victories require lots of smaller ones, at least this is beginning to be the thought process of BMW when it comes to it’s strategy in the future. Because of the world’s trends and evolving markets, especially in China, BMW tries to plan ahead of it’s main rivals Lexus and [...]

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BMW 1 Series

BMW to Be Unveiling the New 1 Series Generation Next Year

Fans of the BMW 1 Series will be excited to find out that BMW will be launching the next generation of the 1 Series at the Frankfurt Motor Show hosted in September next year. Because that the present BMW 1 Series has been on the market for quite a long [...]

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The Rosslyn Plant

The South African Strike Has Passed

Looks like the scare that BMW involuntarily gave us because of the worker’s strike in South Africa is finally over since the car makers have reached an agreement with the Numsa union, as to pay a 10 percent rise to the worker’s salaries.

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BMW’s production affected by the Icelandic volcano

BMW’s production affected by the Icelandic volcano

Because the European subassemblies can not reach the factory, BMW will have to stop the production of some models in Japan and USA. The Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, which partially disrupted the air traffic in Europe, strikes also the car manufacturers, BMW was first to report that they have problems because [...]

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1774 days ago
Rumors: BMW may produce three-cylinder engines

Rumors: BMW may produce three-cylinder engines

Shortly after announcing a front-wheel drive platform, BMW boss said that they will develop also three-cylinder engines, which will be supercharged and will have direct injection. After BMW announced that they are ready to develop models with front-wheel drive, head of the Munich brand has done another shocking statement. It [...]

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BMW has developed the first plastic support for gearbox

BMW has developed the first plastic support for gearbox

The new BMW 550i GT will benefit a world innovation that is a support for gearbox made entirely of plastic. It is as strong as that made of aluminum, but weighs less than one kilogram. In an attempt to minimize the mass of the models created by them, BMW engineers [...]

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