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BMW M Division

New BMW M5 will sport a lot of power

When it comes to M variants of a certain car, BMW does a pretty good job of it, bringing a lot of extra oomph to their already great vehicles. Recently, a nice tidbit of information was uploaded to the internet concerning the next gen BMW M5. It seems that the […]

by November 1, 2013 0 comments BMW M5
4 years ago
BMW M Division

Future BMW M5 and M6 will sport AWD

Great news comes from BMW’s M Division, as Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the department’s head announced some changes for the next generation BMW M5 and M6. It seems that we should expect them to be sporting all wheel drive systems, although they are still a ways out. The next generation of […]

by October 6, 2013 0 comments BMW M5, BMW M6
5 years ago
Canada misses out on awesome BMWs

Canada misses out on awesome BMWs

As you might now, Canada is not the biggest or the most influential market. Combine that with a very strict eco-friendly set of laws, and you get a very strict and limited market. And of those cars that actually made it to Cananda, some would feel a bit under-powered because […]

by July 16, 2013 2 comments Alpina, BMW M5
5 years ago
Japan receives limited edition BMW M5

Japan receives limited edition BMW M5

Nothing says “my car is so much cooler than yours” than a limited edition model. And Japan is set to receive one such limited edition model from the German car maker BMW. Going by the name of Nighthawk Limited Edition, the vehicle is a very cool and very exclusive BMW […]

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5 years ago
1989 BMW M5

1989 BMW M5 gives the owner 400.000 miles of driving pleasure

BMW has managed to gather over the years a lot of fans thanks to its quality products. The connection formed between the car and the enthusiast is a deep and often misunderstood one. One such fan, Randy from San Diego, just reached the 400.000 miles mark on his 1989 BMW […]

by June 6, 2013 0 comments BMW M5
5 years ago
2014 BMW M5 with Competition Package

BMW introduces the Competition Package for the 2014 M5 and M6

BMW revealed their plans to offer the new M5 and M6 models with a new Competition Package able to bring few styling improvements and also a power boost. Designed for the 2014 BMW M5 and M6, in their Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe configurations, the new optional package improves the […]

by May 20, 2013 0 comments BMW M5, BMW M6
5 years ago
F10 BMW M5 Drifting

BMW sets new world record for longest drift

A couple months ago, BMW promised to take on the challenge of setting a new world record for the longest continuous drift. It seems the German car maker delivered, and then some. After their attempt, the bar was raised so high, that the former record is put to shame. The […]

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5 years ago
F10 BMW M5 by Switzer Performance

F10 BMW M5 tuned by Switzer Performance

Switzer Performance released official details on a new tuning package developed for the F10 BMW M5. The newest M5 model in the lineup gets a power boost from the specialists at Switzer Performance. The stock 4.4-liter V8 powerplant, which normally produces 560 horsepower and 680Nm of torque, is now capable […]

by April 15, 2013 0 comments BMW M5, BMW Tuning News
5 years ago
BMW M5 by Hamann

F10 BMW M5 gets a serious kit from Hamann

The German specialists at Hamann released photos and details on a new tuning package, a more impressive one this time. We’ve already seen several premieres at Geneva but the new package is a more comprehensive that what we have seen before. It will bring a series of styling tweaks including […]

by March 24, 2013 0 comments BMW M5, Hamann Tuning
5 years ago
BMW M5 Mi5Sion by Hamann

Hamann unveils the BMW M5 Mi5Sion

Hamann officially unveiled the new BMW M5 Mi5Sion at Geneva, a model based on the F10 M5. Their new tuning program is based mainly on styling tweaks and comes with a wide body kit. It consists of new front and rear bumpers, large air intakes, extended wheel arches, side skirts […]

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5 years ago