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BMW M5 Hurricane RR developed by G-Power broke their own record

Here we got more details on the G-Power M5 Hurricane RR model that managed to set a new record. Comparing to the model that set the old record, the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS, developing 750 horsepower, received new mechanical parts such as two compresors along with some smaller rims of 19-inch equipped with Michelin Pilot [...]

The G-Power M5 Hurricane RS: World’s Fastest Sedan…again

When two people talk about the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS model, after a moment or two, one or the other will surely bring into discussion the fact that the model was the fastest sedan in the world, by topping 227 mph (228.4 mph to be more precise) and all that took place in the year [...]

The end of the road for BMW M5 E60/E61

The production of the current generation BMW M5 ended. The model is powered by a V10 engine and is offered in sedan and wagon body versions, and, officially, the model is out of production. The future M5 generation is coming in force and the current BMW M5 E60/E61 needs to take a break. Even the [...]

Carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories for BMW M3

People at BMW offer in Europe plastic elements reinforced with carbon fiber available so far only on a special package in the U.S.. BMW M3 owners and customers will be able to buy a carbon fiber aerodynamic package. It is composed of three elements – a splitter for the front bumper, a spoiler for the [...]

Rumor; BMW M8 Hybrid?

It would seem that the Vision EfficientDynamics concept car the Bavarians at BMW rolled out to the public quite some time ago is still the inspiration behind some rumors. The most recent of them is that BMW are considering building a new model, a hybrid one no less.

More spyshots of the F10 BMW M5

BMW have begun a trend of reducing the amount of camouflage seen on the super saloon M5 ever since the normal 5 Series F10 is already roaming the streets. To this extent, here’s a set of shots in which the M5 is getting more and more… naked.

More spyshots of the 2011 BMW M5

A new BMW M5 is always going to be a car that will create a lot of expectations, a car that will meet those expectations and surpass them every time. This must be one of the reasons why the Bavarians are testing it round the Nurburgring so thoroughly. With that in mind, every time a [...]

BMW M3 GTS-R may celebrate Nurburgring victory

Most of you still have a fresh memory of BMW winning at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring last weekend after a five years since the last victory of the manufacturer on this track, four of which had been taken by Porsche. Apparently BMW are so pleased with fan support of this race and the performance [...]

2011 BMW M5 spotted at the Ring

Spotted may not be the proper term for BMW’s camouflage techniques but the 2011 F10 BMW M5 has been seen, and recorded at that, going round the Nurburgring. As befits any sport car or sports sedan in this case, of the M5′s caliber Nurburgring testing is a must, especially when you are talking about a [...]

Next F10 BMW M5 details

As we are just getting familiar with the new 5 Series Sedan BMW is announcing the most eagerly awaited version of its mid-size executive car. The next generation of BMW M5 will take the “horsepower wars” to a next level.

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