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VIDEO: The new BMW M5 running at 300 km/h on highway

About five days ago, Hans, the president of the M Flight Club uploaded a video with the new BMW M5 F10 on the highway while pulling the model to its limits. The video below is shot on Autobahn 62 which means that the driver has broken no traffic regulations but we still recommend to drive [...]

The new BMW M5 F10 gets overcome by a M5 E60 in Germany

From the start we have to tell you that we are not encouraging this kind of behavior while driving on public roads especially at high speeds. We talked several times about the new BMW M5 F10, first time when some photos hit the Internet from a private event held in Munich, then the Germans released [...]

VIDEO: BMW releases full length video with the new M5 F10

Few days ago the Bavarians from BMW revealed a three-minute video starring the new BMW M5 F10, a model that is set for debut at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show. We talked several times about BMW’s decision to unveil the new M model in China, not in Europe as it would have been expected, thus, [...]

BMW gives us a first glimpse on the new M5 F10

BMW gives us today a first glimpse on the new BMW M5 F10, a model which is most likely to debut later this year, in September, at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The Germans decided to reveal a video teaser of the next-generation M5, the sports version of the current 5 Series F10. Just to be [...]

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