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BMW M4 Iconic Lights Banned for Geneva

The BMW fans will not get the chance to see the M4 Iconic Lights at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, as the German premium carmaker has decided not to present the model at the event. The reason might be an awkard one, as representatives from BMW recently stated during an official report that the model [...]

BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights Revealed in Video

The BMW German based carmaker has recently introduced the first M4 concept wearing laser lights, and now the company has come back with the M4 Concept Iconic Lights, to showcase the importance of such technology and how it can be implemented in the key situations along the road. As you can see in the video [...]

Video: BMW M4 Sakhir Orange Crashes after Auto Event

After an event taking place at the Cars & Coffee in Blackhawk, California, an astonishing BMW M4 all wrapped in a Sakhir Orange finish, has lost control and ended up in the median which separates the two road sides. The minor incident was also caught on camera by a passerby who was seemingly filming the [...]

BMW M4 Alpine White by European Auto Source

The BMW M4 is ending up in our news again, this time wearing an Alpine White finish and being subjected to another upgrade package from the famous European Auto Source tuning division. What is interesting about this particular model, is that it has been customized using the BMW M Performance Parts, meaning that it has [...]

BMW M4 Shooting Brake Rendering

The one-off BMW M4 Coupe has been recently received a Shooting Brake body style, thanks to the bold rendering launched by the famous X-Tomi Design. Now, don’t be too excited, as a Shooting Brake of the M4 model will never see the day light, but for the famous designer is just a simple visual exercise. [...]

F82 BMW M4 Mineral Gray Gets Photo Session by QuickWorks Photo

The F82 BMW M4 has been recently the star of a photo session carried out by famous Patrick Lauder from QuickWorks Photo Studio, who perfectly showcased the model from every possible angle. Now, the photo session could not be possible if it weren`t for the extraordinary and one of a kind Mineral Gray paintjob, which [...]

F8X BMW M3 Trophy S1 Front Splitter by Mode Carbon

The F8X BMW M3 has received in a premiere the Trophy S1 front splitter from the American based Mode Carbon tuning division. The Trophy S1 front splitter is entirely made out of fiber carbon, which has been specially customized for the next generation BMW M3/M4, coming with some high-performance specifications. Speaking about performance, the front [...]

BMW M4 Gets Crashed in South Africa

The almighty BMW M4 Coupe is popping-up in our news again, this time the model getting completely crushed in South Africa. We are talking here about a terrible road accident, taking place in Klerksorp, South Africa, where the BMW M4 Coupe`s driver apparently lost control of the car and ended up on the side road. [...]

Vorsteiner Tunes-up BMW M4 GTRS

I am truly fond of the Vorsteiner German based tuning division, as they are real masters in handling BMW cars, especially when we are particularly talking about the gorgeous BMW M4. But this time, the guys from the tuning division have proved their craftsmanship of the BMW M4 GTRS. The BMW M4 GTRS was just [...]

BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports

BMW models have always been subjected to different upgrades and customizations, as they are considered the coolest sports cars ever built. It is also the case of the BMW M4 model, receiving some upgrades at the body, inside the cabin and under the hood, carried out by the TAG Motorsports tuning division. The first striking [...]

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