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BMW RR vs BMW M3 E92

VIDEO: BMW releases “The Chase” – BMW RR vs BMW M3 E92

Following the previous commercial for the new BMW 5 Series F10, the Bavarians reveal a new video which is not quite a commercial but it’s pretty dynamic and interesting to be considered a promoting material. Called “The Chase”, the three-minute video features a tuned BMW M3 E92 as well as [...]

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1488 days ago
BMW M3 Matte Edition

A new special edition for China, BMW M3 Matte Edition

BMW decided to introduce yet another special edition for the Chinese market. The new Matte Edition is based on the current generation BMW M3 E92 and offers some aesthetic tweaks while under the bonnet it packs the same 4.0-liter V8 engine developing 420 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. The [...]

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1523 days ago
The Pickup version of BMW M3 spotted on Nurburgring, just a joke

The Pickup version of BMW M3 spotted on Nurburgring, just a joke

Recently, the engineers from BMW were spotted on Nurburgring while testing a model that most probably shocked few people around. We talk about a pickup version of the current M3 generation. In the beginning, they managed to leave us speechless as the combination of a sports car with the purposes [...]

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BMW introduces new M Performance Exhaust priced at $4,374

BMW introduces new M Performance Exhaust priced at $4,374

The M division of the Germans developed a new performance and lightweight exhaust system able to provide a better sound for your M3. The new M3 Performance Exhaust fits all the body versions of the current M3 generation (E90/92/93) and BMW priced this kit at $4,374. The new exhaust system [...]

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BMW M3 E92 Track Edition debuts in Netherlands

BMW M3 E92 Track Edition debuts in Netherlands

BMW decided to unveil a new limited edition, this time designed for the Dutch market. The base model is the BMW M3 E92 which suffered few modifications such as the special matte gray exterior and a new high performance exhaust system. The BMW M3 E92 Track Edition is specially deisgned [...]

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VIDEO: BMW celebrates 25 years since M3

VIDEO: BMW celebrates 25 years since M3

The Germans from BMW decided to create a celebrating video where the main performer is the BMW M3. It passed 25 years since the first M3 hit the road and BMW thought that this is a very important moment that needs to be celebrated. Back in August 1985, the first [...]

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BMW introduces 440HP V6 engine from 2012 for the future M3

BMW introduces 440HP V6 engine from 2012 for the future M3

According to some sources within the German manufacturer, the incoming BMW M3 F30 will benefit from a twin-turbo V6 3.3-liter engine able to develop about 440 horsepower. Instead of the V8 engine found on the M3 E92, the 2012 BMW M3 F30 will get the V6 propeller that benefits from [...]

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Turner Motorsport BMW M3 Frozen Gray

Turner Motorsports Wants to Take the M3 Frozen Gray to the Racetrack

Cars are meant to be driven right? And since racing is also a type of driving (more or less), cars shouldn’t have a problem with that school of thought. But what happens if you get your hands on a four wheel jewel such as the BMW M3 Frozen Gray? Considering [...]

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1718 days ago
RENM BMW M3 Agitator Front

The RENM BMW M3 Agitator

The BMW E92 M3 model got a serious visual upgrade from the RENM tuning company. Named the “Agitator”, it will surely stir up those that will have the opportunity to set their eyes on it. But the RENM M3 Agitator doesn’t bring just new looks into play, but also increased [...]

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1722 days ago
The M3 Pure Edition Front

The BMW M3 Pure Edition Exclusively for Australia

If you happen to both live in Australia and also to be a fan of the BMW M3 Coupe, or even considering buying one in the near future, you might want to take a look at this piece of news. BMW Australia has launched an exclusive limited edition of the [...]

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1725 days ago
Akrapovic BMW M3 Evolution

The Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System for the BMW M3

When you think of the company named Akrapovic from Slovenia, most definitely bikes will be the main subject, more exactly, exhaust systems for them. But the company is beginnining to be looked at also from the car owners perspective because Akrapovic has also recently begun developing exhausts for them.

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1726 days ago
Onyx BMW M3 Front

BMW M3 E92 from Onyx Concept

When one hears about the Onyx Concept tuning company, Range Rover will most probably come to mind, or more recently Bentley or Porsche. But the company will be adding yet another car manufacturer to it’s belt with the addition of a tuning kit (both for performance and for aesthetics) designed [...]

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1731 days ago
Matte Black TrueBlissCustoms BMW E92 M3 revealed + Mega Photo Gallery

Matte Black TrueBlissCustoms BMW E92 M3 revealed + Mega Photo Gallery

Here we have a wonderful BMW E92 M3 model that received a very kind treatment from people at TrueBlissCustoms. As you can see, the model got an extraordinary paint job, the model benefiting from a matte black color. Besides the body color, the model features a black strip on the [...]

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1737 days ago
BMW vs Mustang

VIDEO: BMW M3 Coupe vs Ford Mustang GT

BMW M3 Coupe owners and Ford Mustang GT owners alike have wondered time and time again (or we’d like to think so) how would a toe-to-toe clash between the two end up. Would the silver stallion come on top or would it be humbled by the M3 Coupe? The guys [...]

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1739 days ago
ARKYM BMW M3 E92 Front

ARKYM Develops New Body Kit For The BMW M3 E92

The BMW M3 E92 received a new and aggressive bodykit from the ARKYM company. This tuning company wants to add both a new style and performance to it’s products and all this for a competitive price tag.

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1739 days ago

BMW Releases Yet Another Limited Edition: The M3 Tiger

BMW seems to be on a roll with the releases of limited or special edition models. After just releasing the M3 Frozen Edition in South Africa, now it is time for the People’s Republic of China to celebrate BMW’s 25th anniversary of the M 3 Series. And since it’s the [...]

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1752 days ago
BMW M3 Frozen Edition Front

25 Years of BMW Presence in South Africa: the M3 Frozen Edition

BMW always has new ideas and more and more reasons to unveil limited or special editions of it’s best selling models. Now, it is the Republic of South Africa’s turn to enjoy the spotlight (again, because last month the 3 Series Dynamic Edition was launched), as it will be the [...]

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1754 days ago
BMW M3 Performance accessories

BMW Performance offering carbon fiber aerodynamic components for the M3

Not exactly least revealing article title ever but there you have it, if you’ve got an M3 and want to make it more aerodynamic and lighter, BMW Performance have got just what you need. The component offering is related to a couple of things, both are related to pricing and [...]

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1796 days ago
BMW M3 S65 Engine

BMW wins three “Engine of the Year” categories

The 2010 Engine of the Year contest has concluded and while our favorite Bavarian car maker hasn’t had an overall win or a performance related win the trophies earned are quite amazing. The judges at the fabled competition gave BMW a prize for three categories, four if you’re willing to [...]

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2011 BMW Frozen Gray M3

The promised special edition BMW for the U.S. is here

A few days ago BMW released some teasing information according to which a special edition of Bavarian creations is headed stateside. Though it pains me to say this I have to say i was expecting a bit more, while what this car is is far less than disappointing it sort [...]

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