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BMW M3 Hurricane RS by G-Power

BMW M3 Hurricane RS by G-Power

G-Power comes yet again in our attention with their latest tuning kit for the BMW M3. Called Hurricane RS, the package offers a displacement increase and of course, a power boost. The 4.0-liter is now increased to 4.6-liters with the total output rated at 720 horsepower and 700Nm of torque. [...]

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BMW M235i

Five things you might not know about the new 2 Series and M235i

1. It’s a spiritual successor to the BMW 2002 The 2002 coupe was the car that really put BMW on the map. It took the slogan ‘sheer driving pleasure’ and turned it from a marketing ploy into an experience for a whole new target audience to enjoy. The 2002 was [...]

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2015 BMW M3

2015 BMW M3 caught without camouflage on video

A lucky biker stumbled upon the 2015 BMW M3 while the Germans were shooting what seems to be a commercial for the upcoming sports car. The F80 BMW M3 is expected to debut at the Detroit Motor Show next year, alongside the next-gen BMW M4. Under the hood, we should [...]

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2014 BMW M3 Sedan crashes on Nurburgring

2014 BMW M3 loses control on Nurburgring circuit

A BMW M3 Sedan crashed today on the Nurburgring circuit in Germany during usual testing sessions. Powered by a serious 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine producing 430 horsepower and 500Nm of torque, the driver behind the wheel lost control crashing into the guide rail. Fortunately, the driver walked out without any injuries [...]

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2014 BMW M3 spied

2014 BMW M3 to offer over 425HP

Today we get an important piece of information on the 2014 BMW M3, a model which is scheduled to be unveiled somewhere next year. According to BimmerPost, the new model will come with an improved total mass thanks to a series of carbon fiber parts such as the hood and [...]

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2014 BMW M3 spied

2014 BMW M3 prototype spotted again

Joining its bigger brother, the new BMW M3 hits the road for more testing prior the model’s debut at the upcoming North American International Auto Show, in January. At the exterior, the German sports car comes with new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a rear diffuser, a quad-pipe exhaust [...]

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BMW M Teaser

The sound of the new BMW M3/M4

With the schism of the 3 Series into two separate models, and thus the M3 and M4, thing are expected to drift apart. All understandable, as both BMW and buyers like to know they the Coupe is just not the same as the sedan. But while the exterior appearance will [...]

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BMW M3 by Alpha-N Performance

E92 BMW M3 tuned by Alpha-N Performance

Even BMW halted production for the E92 BMW M3, it seems that there are still tuners which give attention to the German sports car. Alpha-N Performance is one of them as they’ve just unveiled a comprehensive package including both styling and performance tweaks. At the exterior, the BMW M3 gets [...]

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F80 BMW M3 test drive on the Nurburgring

F80 BMW M3 test drive on the Nurburgring

With all the hype going on about the imminent release of the new BMW 4 Series, other models seem to get a bit less screen time. And although the 4 Series will have to live up to the legend the previous 3 Series Coupe created, so far it hasn’t let [...]

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An official word on the BMW M4

An official word on the BMW M4

Ever since BMW announced differentiating their vehicle line-up, a hype has been stirring about the new models. The car maker announced that the old 3 Series coupe will be going out of production, and the 4 Series will take its place. With pictures released on the new BMW coupe, people [...]

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BMW Transmission

Manual transmission BMWs might disappear

When we talk about the now departed E90/E92 BMW M3 models, we can start to see a certain trend concerning the transmission choices of the buyers. And it seems that automatic is gaining the upper hand on the manual gear box. While the preferences have been evolving over the years, [...]

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Bavarian Motors puts an end to BMW M3 Coupe

Bavarian Motors puts an end to BMW M3 Coupe

With its V8 engine of 4.0 liters, carrying up to 400 Nm of torque and 420 HP, BMW M3 Coupe was, without a doubt, a popular line in the history of Bavarian Motors. After all, they did manage to produce 40.000 units… But since all good things must come to [...]

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E92 BMW M3 production came to a halt

E92 BMW M3 production came to a halt

Since 2007 the E92 BMW M3 has given true driving pleasure to owners world wide. This week the legacy has come to its final chapter, as the last M3 rolls out the assembly line. The E92 BMW M3 coupe has reached 40.000 units produced, while there were 16.000 convertibles and [...]

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E90 BMW M3

E90 BMW M3 – fun on a dry lake bed

There are plenty ways to enjoy a proper car like the E90 BMW M3, and the guys from Vividracing presented a video clip with one such way. They took the M3 to a dry lake bed and let it loose on the terrain with spectacular results. The fun you can [...]

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10th anniversary of the BMW M3 CSL celebrated

BMW has a very large group of enthusiasts world-wide, and within that group, there are several close knit communities that have been mesmerized by one model or another. One of those proud communities is celebrating 10 years since their favorite model has been launched. I am talking about the BMW [...]

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The 2014 BMW M3 will be lighter and more powerful

The 2014 BMW M3 will be lighter and more powerful

Some more details have been shed on the 2014 BMW M3 thanks to leaked information. As always, the M3 will be powerful and fast around the corners, while also preserving the cool look we have grown accustomed to. According to the source, the 2014 BMW M3 will sport under the [...]

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BMW M3 has been sold out

BMW M3 has been sold out

One of the most successful models that came out of BMW’s assembly line is the 3 Series. As such, the upgraded version of it from the M division is also in high demand. Unfortunately, as Friedrich Nitschke (M division head) stated, the current version of the BMW M3 is sold [...]

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BMW M3 Nurburgring

The BMW Track Training

Whenever you buy a car, especially if it is a powerful one, you want to test it to the limit. That’s if you have the guts and are willing to take the risk of crashing. And BMW knows that some of their vehicles are bred for the race track, and [...]

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BMW shows off an unique E92 M3

BMW shows off an unique E92 M3

There are many good looking vehicles out there that took (better) shape under the hands of many tuning companies. And although not every creation is a looker, some do manage to improve on the appearance of the cars from BMW. But that doesn’t mean the German car maker is without [...]

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2014 BMW M3 Revealed

2014 BMW M3 Revealed

The new 2014 BMW M3 was leaked on the internet in an official image previewed in the Car Magazine. The editors from Car Magazine announce that this is the last online appearance of the new BMW M3 before its official introduction at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. [...]

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