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E92 BMW M3 tuned by Alpha-N Performance

Even BMW halted production for the E92 BMW M3, it seems that there are still tuners which give attention to the German sports car. Alpha-N Performance is one of them as they’ve just unveiled a comprehensive package including both styling and performance tweaks. At the exterior, the BMW M3 gets new front and rear spoilers, [...]

E92 BMW M3 gets special treatment from Leib Engineering

Leib Engineering is a German tuning company which turned its attention to the E92 BMW M3, offering a comprehensive tuning kit. It includes a power hike for the stock 4.0-liter V8 which is now capable to produce 470 horsepower. In order to squeeze the extra power, Leib Engineering opted for an ECU optimization but also [...]

E92 BMW M3 gets a power boost from Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke presents today a performance package for the E92 BMW M3, a kit able to increase the total output to 700 horsepower. In this regard, the German tuning company benefits from a new supercharger, a Meth-Injection system and a high-performance exhaust system from Signature. There are no official performance figures but expect impressive numbers [...]

E92 BMW M3 Sporty Drive TU by G-Power

G-Power, the well-known tuning company specialized in preparing BMW models, released today a new performance pack for the E92 BMW M3 sports car. The new kit comes in three stages with the most affordable one being priced from €11,500. For this amount of money you get the SK I package which improves the total output [...]

CLP Automotive transforms the M3 Coupe into GT racecar

The German specialists from CLP Automotive managed to transform the standard BMW M3 Coupe into a M3 GT model and race it at the 24 hours of Nurburgring competition. The tuning package prepared by the specialists is called Interceptor and brings both styling and performance upgrades. Under the bonnet, the German model received a G-Power [...]

The RENM BMW M3 Agitator

The BMW E92 M3 model got a serious visual upgrade from the RENM tuning company. Named the “Agitator”, it will surely stir up those that will have the opportunity to set their eyes on it. But the RENM M3 Agitator doesn’t bring just new looks into play, but also increased performance, for a complete package.

The Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System for the BMW M3

When you think of the company named Akrapovic from Slovenia, most definitely bikes will be the main subject, more exactly, exhaust systems for them. But the company is beginnining to be looked at also from the car owners perspective because Akrapovic has also recently begun developing exhausts for them.

BMW M3 E92 from Onyx Concept

When one hears about the Onyx Concept tuning company, Range Rover will most probably come to mind, or more recently Bentley or Porsche. But the company will be adding yet another car manufacturer to it’s belt with the addition of a tuning kit (both for performance and for aesthetics) designed for the BMW M3 E92.

ARKYM Develops New Body Kit For The BMW M3 E92

The BMW M3 E92 received a new and aggressive bodykit from the ARKYM company. This tuning company wants to add both a new style and performance to it’s products and all this for a competitive price tag.

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