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Auto Sport Says 2015 BMW X6 M Is as Fast as the M3 E92 at the Nurburgring

There are no official tests to test how rapid is the newly unveiled 2015 BMW X6 M on the track, but according to Auto Sport, the model is considered as fast as the E92 BMW M3. The conclusions were reached after the 2015 BMW X6 M has run over 8,000 kilometers on the Nurburgring, which [...]

BMW shows off an unique E92 M3

There are many good looking vehicles out there that took (better) shape under the hands of many tuning companies. And although not every creation is a looker, some do manage to improve on the appearance of the cars from BMW. But that doesn’t mean the German car maker is without style. And to prove that, [...]

BMW M3 Frozen Black special edition sold out extremely fast

BMW of North America announced that the BMW M3 Frozen Black, the special edition of the German model dedicated to the U.S. market sold out extremely fast. As we previously talked, the current M3 E92 received yet another special edition, this time dedicated to the American customers that are not very satisfied with the standard [...]

BMW M3 Frozen Black – a special edition designed for the U.S. market

The BMW M3 E92 is probably the model that received the most special editions from the Germans, yet another one being revealed these days. We talk about Frozen Black, a special edition dedicated, this time, to the U.S. customers as the last three (Carbon Edition, Matte Edition and Tiger Edition) were specially designed for the [...]

Vorsteiner unveils the “Candy Cane” package for BMW M3 E92

The American specialists from Vorsteiner decided to pull the wraps off a new tuning package, this time dedicated to the current M3 generation. To be more precise, we talk about a complete tuning kit designed for the M3 E92, a package that makes the German model faster but also brings a significantly improvements in terms [...]

VIDEO: BMW releases “The Chase” – BMW RR vs BMW M3 E92

Following the previous commercial for the new BMW 5 Series F10, the Bavarians reveal a new video which is not quite a commercial but it’s pretty dynamic and interesting to be considered a promoting material. Called “The Chase”, the three-minute video features a tuned BMW M3 E92 as well as a modified BMW RR. The [...]

BMW prepares six BMW M3 vehicles for DTM’s 2012 season

If few months ago the Germans from BMW officially announced their intentions to return the DTM competition from 2012, today, they reveal some further details on how they will manage to overcome their eternal rivals such as Audi and Mercedes. Even the development of the vehicles is not completely done, the Germans announced the line-up [...]

BMW M3 E92 Track Edition debuts in Netherlands

BMW decided to unveil a new limited edition, this time designed for the Dutch market. The base model is the BMW M3 E92 which suffered few modifications such as the special matte gray exterior and a new high performance exhaust system. The BMW M3 E92 Track Edition is specially deisgned for the Dutch market and [...]

VIDEO: BMW M3 E92 – Real Life and GT5 side to side

Denis Malevanyi, a professional car driver decided to make a comparison between a real life lap at the Nurburgring Nordscleife track and a virtual lap in the well-known Gran Turismo 5 driving simulator. The model driven both in real life and in the video game is the BMW M3 E92, the video presenting us side [...]

BMW M3 E92 from Onyx Concept

When one hears about the Onyx Concept tuning company, Range Rover will most probably come to mind, or more recently Bentley or Porsche. But the company will be adding yet another car manufacturer to it’s belt with the addition of a tuning kit (both for performance and for aesthetics) designed for the BMW M3 E92.

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