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BMW M2 Expected in 2016

BMW has recently announced that the M2 model will be available on the market in a couple of years, with the version sporting some tweaks from the track model M235i Racing. The BMW has been playing with an M2 version ever since the 2-Series Coupe was introduced on the market, with the supercar model coming [...]

BMW to introduce the M2 in 2016

While still no official press release was issued, we do have a word about the imminent release of the BMW M2, what is to be the successor of the 1 Series M. Even better, it seems we even have some power figures regarding the engine and its output after the M Division is done fiddling [...]

BMW M2 Possibly More Powerful and Lighter than the Present M235i?

The BMW German division is receiving success after success with its 2-Series being an instant hit at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and with its expansion plans for the 2- Series in Australia. But the German luxury manufacturer doesn’t stop here, as it goes forward with the possibility of launching a new brand, which might [...]

F22 BMW M2 still a possibility

While the F22 BMW M235i is already a done deal, with BMW showcasing it whenever they have the chance, the M2 is still not a certainty. Still, while no official word on it has been released, an inside source says that the pure M variant of the 2 Series is underway, and it’s awesome. The [...]

BMW M Director Confirms the Undergoing of the New BMW M2

There are some interesting breakthrough information from the M Director of BMW stating that the new M2 is on its way. The M2 will have the BMW`s F22 platform and will be the stable platform of the upcoming 2 Series. The M2 Coupe would have its moments of glory somewhere in late 2014, early 2015. [...]

BMW M235i pictures

With the BMW 2 Series soon to be officially introduced into this world by the German car maker, we weren’t expecting much more news. But it seems that the 25th of October is just too long a wait for some, so we got some more pictures in the meantime. These are a few shots catching [...]

BMW M2 project still going

BMW’s M Division is always bringing performance upgrades to the German car maker’s already powerful vehicles. One highly anticipated bimmers is the M2, which will be placed just above the M235i, and many people can hardly wait for it. Rumors place a upgraded version of the M235i’s engine underneath of the M2′s hood, a 3.0 [...]

Photos with an older BMW M2 Concept

As you should know if you are a reader of the BMWCoop blog we posted lately some sketches of the BMW M2 Concept but I also found on the internet some older sketches with this BMW M2 and of course that the care from photos looks much different than this one. Even if there are [...]

BMW M2 Concept Sketches

BMW M2 could be for the Bavarian manufacturer one of the most important sport models in the range. No doubt that the BMW M1 represents for many a true exponent of the German brand sportive attitude. But the high price makes it accessible just to only a small part of the population. And then, BMW [...]

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