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10 BMW Daring Design Innovations

BMW has long been considered one of the superior brands in the automotive industry. With high quality products, ranging from motorcycles to high performance saloon cars, a recipe for success has truly been mastered. Success is only brought about by innovation, with BMW having demonstrated marvelous, and often brave, feats of innovation throughout the course [...]

1978 BMW M1 will be displayed at Salon Prive

Today, BMW M Division is a very respected part of the German car maker, and every M Bimmer is held in high regard. But before BMW’s M models became know for their performance, there was one very special vehicle that might cause confusion for some. Called the BMW M1, it has nothing to do with [...]

BMW M1 auctioned off

A while back BMW decided to build a competitor for the supercars that where the dream of every young boy. Out of the project the BMW M1 was born, the only supercar constructed by the German car maker. And although it didn’t get quite as big as the Lamborghini, it has earned its place in [...]

Bonhams puts on auction a rare 1979 BMW M1 Art Car

Bonhams is one of the largest auction houses these days being founded in 1793 and holding a lot of unique events from art auctions to rare vehicles or jewelry. At this year’s edition of the Quail Lodge auction held in Carmel, California, a special and very rare Bavarian model will be put on auction and [...]

A New Rumor Regarding the BMW 1 Series M Coupe

The news of the regarding the new M version of the BMW 1 Series Coupe have been flying around the Intertnet for some time because it is a very hot topic and every new information, photo or rumor is precious. And, unfortunately, the latest piece of news doesn’t bring too much hope for many people [...]

BMW 135is will be the powerful 1-Series

A source from BMW said that the sports version of the 135i will bear the name 135is, not M1. The model is expected to begin this autumn. As you know, the Motorsport division of BMW is working on a sports version of the 1-Series coupe. It will be turbocharged and is based on the 135i. [...]

Rumors saying that there will be a BMW 135is instead of BMW M1

I know that we have talked few times about BMW M1 and you were probably waiting that car to be released or to hear some news about it but as you can see what I wrote in the title, the BMW M1 was replaced by BMW 135is. I don’t think that the name of the [...]

BMW M1 Sketch based on 1-Series

The fans don’t give up: the M-Power logo should be on every BMW model, even on the 1-Series. Here we have a pretty interesting proposal for how should look a BMW M1. A fan of the Bavarian cars, especially those wearing the M logo, designed a rendering of a future BMW 1-Series M, about officials [...]

New rumors about BMW M1

Here we have some new rumors about BMW M1 and I can start telling you by resuming all of these new rumors in two words: carbon fiber. As you can see on the internet, on the posts dedicated to BMW M1, a lot of pictures are with BMW Tii Concept so this should be something [...]

New details about the 2011 BMW 1 Series M

On the internet there have been revealed or better said leaked some more details about the 2011 BMW 1 Series with the M sport package. Segler just said a few time ago that there are no plans for this 2011 BMW 1 Series with the M sport package but as we see, we have some [...]

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