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BMW M Models Will Receive AWD

BMW M Models Will Receive AWD

Up until a couple of years ago we were used to seeing BMW models wearing the famous rear-wheel drive layout, but as technology progressed, so did the German based carmaker, which has adopted a different attitude towards drivetrain possibilities, and launched BMW cars with front-wheel drive layout, while also developing [...]

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Future BMW M6

BMW Boss Friedrich Nitschke Talks about Future BMW M Products and Models

Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the future BMW M boss, has big plans with the M division, announcing a lot of new M components, naturally aspirated engines or the upcoming of BMW i8 M. First off, the former Audi-quattro boss, Friedrich Nitschke intends to reinvent the BMW M models, by launching all-wheel [...]

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BMW M Festival

BMW announced the M Festival on June the 20th

We have a lot of festivals out there, more or less official, that celebrate the great craftsmanship BMW has displayed over the years. There is even a very nice gathering that caters specifically to the M Division of the German car maker. Called the M Festival, it was set on [...]

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An official word on the BMW M4

An official word on the BMW M4

Ever since BMW announced differentiating their vehicle line-up, a hype has been stirring about the new models. The car maker announced that the old 3 Series coupe will be going out of production, and the 4 Series will take its place. With pictures released on the new BMW coupe, people [...]

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BMW Launch Control

BMW to use launch control in more models

The most powerful cars out there use a certain feature to put the horses they muster down on the road. It is called a launch control, and it makes life easier driving race cars and even production vehicles. Traditionally, the German car maker BMW only uses launch control on the [...]

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BMW Skyrocketed performances have reached the sky – where to from now on?

BMW Skyrocketed performances have reached the sky – where to from now on?

Bad news to BMW fans who were not pleased with reaching 100 kmh within 4 seconds! One of most respected voices behind the German car maker says that they are not going any further. We are talking about Maximillian Ahme, BMW M senior engineer, who is attending this week’s Malaysian [...]

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BMW M Motorhome

BMW M provides a motorhome for MotoGP

BMW has a long history of collaboration with Dorna Motorsport, the organizer of MotoGP, that has stood strong for 15 years. To celebrate that and also to show its dedication to the partnership and its gratitude towards being the official car of MotoGP, BMW’s M Division provided this year’s event [...]

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AC Schnitzer BMW M Carbon bike

AC Schnitzer tunes BMW M… Carbon Bike

AC Schnitzer released a press release for some new stuff they’re working off and we’re a little disappointed in the whole thing. There’s no word of a car from BMW being involved, there’s not even any of their high end motorbikes showing up in the photos or announcement. Believe it [...]

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BMW announces new M Performance sub-brand

Though a little surprising, with this new announcement from the Bavarians we’ve finally untangled some mysteries about what BMW have been up to lately. In preparation for this spring’s Geneva Motor Show, BMW have told us that they will not be unveiling a new M product, but rather an entirely [...]

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2012 BMW 135is on the Nurburgring

M Version of the BMW 1 Series officially confirmed

Finally there’s an end to all the rumors, guesses and estimates on the faith of the M badged version of the BMW 1 Series. The confirmation came from Dr. Kay Segler, BMW M GmbH’s Managing Director and it took place in an interview given to German online magazine “Auto-News”.

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Photo and details about the BMW M Bike

Photo and details about the BMW M Bike

The main products built by BMW are cars and then motorcycles. Well, I have to say that I love to see other products built by this amazing brand. So, as you can see, this time we are going to talk about a bike built by BMW, also named the BMW [...]

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More details about the BMW 1 Series M

More details about the BMW 1 Series M

We begin this article with an unseen teaser image of the BMW 1 Series M or shortly named, the BMW M1. This is a rendering made by a specialist. Anyway, I made this article because we have more details about it so I will start by saying that it will [...]

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BMW X650 M by Lumma photos and details (1)

BMW X650 M by Lumma photos and details (1)

I’m really surprised to see this namely some photos and also details with the BMW X650 M because just few time ago we spoke about some spy photos with other BMW X6 but not the M version and those were old photos, now we have some new photos from the [...]

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More details BMW 1 Series M Coupe

More details BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Here we have another sign of life from the BMW 1 Series but this time, the “personage” is the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe or shortly named, BMW M1. Anyway, this car is pure and simple awesome especially from my point of view because I just love the 1 [...]

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Reportedly BMW 1 Series M with details

Reportedly BMW 1 Series M with details

Here comes a great car or at last for because as you know, I love the 1 Series from BMW and I also like the M sport packages and yes, BMW combined these 2 big brands that I love so much and came up into this car with an expected [...]

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BMW M Power iPhone application

BMW M Power iPhone application

This application is more than awesome and even if this is not a mobile phone blog, I will talk to you about this BMW M Power iPhone app because it is related to the BMW M cars that I like mostly from all BMW cars. BMW M Power iPhone application [...]

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Mega Photo Gallery with BMW X6 M by Hartge

Mega Photo Gallery with BMW X6 M by Hartge

One of my favorites tuning are for this BMW X6 or even BMW X6 M because these 2 cars are looking almost the same. One of the tunings for this car is the one made by Hartge so I decided to put a mega gallery with it on this blog. [...]

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2079 days ago
BMW Z4 sDrive35is will feature a M sport package

BMW Z4 sDrive35is will feature a M sport package

First I want to say that this car really deservers or better said needs to have a M sport package available for it because this car looks awesome and as we know it can develop high performances so with a M sport package it will be more than perfect so [...]

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BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M to be launched in January

BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M to be launched in January

At last, here is the news, I think they decided to make this announcement way too late but the thing that matters is that at last they made this announce. I mean at other cars they announce us with much more time like 6 months or even years but this [...]

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Preview: 2010 BMW X6 M

Preview: 2010 BMW X6 M

We talked about 2010 BMW X6 M quite a long time ago; since then were released more details, previews and drive reviews so some of the important news will be in this post. The M version of BMW X6 will boost the performances of the normal model and at this model, [...]

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