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BMW announced the M Festival on June the 20th

We have a lot of festivals out there, more or less official, that celebrate the great craftsmanship BMW has displayed over the years. There is even a very nice gathering that caters specifically to the M Division of the German car maker. Called the M Festival, it was set on June the 20th this year, [...]

All the BMW M3 CRT units rumored to be already sold out

According to the information coming from the Germans at Autobild, the new BMW M3 CRT special edition revealed last week is rumored to be already sold out. The new M3 CRT is a special edition limited to only 67 units and specially dedicated to the European customers. Actually, it is not very surprising to hear [...]

Video: 2012 BMW M5 F10 first driving footage

The Germans from BMW decided to reveal the first video of the new BMW M5 (F10), a footage which shows the German M model revving its engine at the Ascari Race Resort in southern Spain. We already discussed all the important facts and figures of the high performance model based on the current 5 Series [...]

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