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Moscow M Festival

BMW M3 and M4 drifting in Moscow

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2 years ago
BMW M Festival

BMW announced the M Festival on June the 20th

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BMW M Division

Future BMW M5 and M6 will sport AWD Books About Stock Market For Beginners

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3 years ago

BMW will keep the M and i sub-brands separate

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BMW Launch Control

BMW to use launch control in more models Binary Options Trading Signals Trial

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BMW M Motorhome

BMW M provides a motorhome for MotoGP

BMW has a long history of collaboration with Dorna Motorsport, the organizer of MotoGP, that has stood strong for 15 years. To celebrate that and also to show its dedication to the partnership and its gratitude towards being the official car of MotoGP, BMW’s M Division provided this year’s event […]

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3 years ago
M PowerSource

BMW M PowerSource online

There are plenty car drivers out there that think you just can’t do better than a BMW. Except maybe one prepped by the M Division. And while it’s quite a lot of fun to drive an M Bimmer, there are those that are avidly seeking knowledge about the vehicles. To […]

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3 years ago
Friedrich Nitschke

The current BMW M GmbH director, Kay Segler, to take the lead of MINI brand

BMW officially announces that Kay Segler, the current director of the BMW M division will leave the Germans in order to take the lead of the British brand MINI. As long as MINI is a sub-brand of the BMW Group, nothing wrong happened there and considering that Segler is not […]

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5 years ago
BMW’s M Division upgrades the M packages from September

BMW’s M Division upgrades the M packages from September

Germans at BMW announced through a press release called More dynamic handling, more diversity, more individuality: The BMW M GmbH product range as from the autumn of 2010 that they will upgrade the M Division packages available for their models starting September 2010. Newly developed accessory products will be available […]

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6 years ago