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BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights shows up in Vegas

With the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in full effect, we were expecting some new technologies from the Germans at BMW. This time we talk about a high-beam laser system capable to illuminate up to 600 meters. The new lighting system was showcased on a BMW M4 called Concept Iconic Lights. Besides the new-generation high-beam laser [...]

US and Australian markets not yet ready for BMW’s laser headlights

BMW is not the car maker that pioneered laser headlights, but they managed to become the first manufacturer to fit them on production vehicles. In fact, they were neck in neck with Audi for a while, but manage to deliver the vehicles first. This is a step forwards for the automotive industry, albeit not a [...]

BMW mocks Audi for presenting their laser headlights at CES

There is something quite appealing to the old rivalry between the three big German car makers BMW, Audi and Mercedes. With each brand having a similar alternative for pretty much any of the vehicles of the others, the various pokes and prods between the manufacturers are fun to witness. Recently, BMW struck a blow to [...]

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