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VIDEO: BMW M3 Race Team Drivers Introduction

We presented you few time ago, the first part of “Joy is Racing“. Here we have the second part of the “Joy is Racing” campaign, and it’s called 2010 Team Introduction. If you are wondering what the video introduces, it introduces the BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team for 2010. In the main role we have [...]

VIDEO: Joy is Racing. Joy is BMW.

I’m very happy when a new video comes out from BMW. Wondering why? It’s quite simple. I don’t have to write carefully all the technical, design and so on details, I can talk freely about the video, its idea, the feeling that the video is giving me, more exactly, the joy. In your journey on [...]

BMW is Joy ! Jump for Joy ! (2)

Some time ago we talked to you about the commercial video named “Jump for Joy” and after few days or weeks, on the internet appeared the second part of it. The begining of the video is the same as at the first part but there is something in plus at the end of the new [...]

BMW is Joy! Jump for Joy!

Campaign “Joy is BMW” continues with a new ad, titled “Jump for Joy”. German manufacturer is trying to promote its models by the feeling that it offers when they drive, and joy is the watchword here. BMW shows us in a funny mode the joy of having a BMW.

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