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BMW i8 Suppliers Revealed

The Automotive News have just launched the full list of suppliers for the newly unveiled BMW i8 hybrid supercar. This is no surprise that the list with the suppliers reveal the technology that the BMW i8 hybrid car is using, making it a state of the art supercar. We are talking thus about companies like [...]

All-new BMW i8 delivered to customers

The BMW i8 is certainly not a new name but it seems that the Germans needed about three years to take the plug-in hybrid sports car from the drawing board to customers. We’ve talked for the first time about the new BMW i models back in 2011. Last year, the carmaker officially unveiled the new [...]

Demands for the 2015 BMW i8 Hybrid to Exceed Expectations

The BMW manufacturer will start the sales for the i8 hybrid starting with June, with the demands for the vehicle already to exceed the initial plans. The 2015 BMW i8 hybrid is competing against the Musk and the Tesla Motors and it is set to exceed the initial supply for the period to come. The [...]

Insight on BMW i8′s aerodynamic

Aerodynamics has been and still is an important aspect of engineering, and it had been properly studied since the race to get man airborne began. In modern days, not just planes, but cars, too have given great importance to aerodynamics, which can affect a vehicle’s performance. And while big, bulky machines that don’t bother with [...]

BMW i8′s engine power output now public

BMW is feeling in a sharing mood these days, with an abundance of information on the i8 model coming out. Recently we got the first official pictures of the new German hybrid, and also some numbers on the hybrid solution under the hood. While numbers alone are impressive indeed, with 362 Hp and and 570 [...]

BMW i8 hybrid sport car to debut next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show

Now that the popular BMW i3 has been officially released, the German car maker announces to introduce its next i series model, which is a BMW i8 hybrid sport car. The unveiling of the new BMW i8 should be performed through a hometown event, at Frankfurt, where together with this unit will be exposed the [...]

Spy Photos: BMW running some tests with the new i8

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see the new BMW i3 for the first time while the Bavarians were testing the electric model and also filming for something that most probably will be a video teaser coming up soon. The spy photos of the new i3 from yesterday are without doubt more important than the [...]

Rumors on the hybrid powertrain of the new BMW i8 supercar

According to the first details, BMW is looking forward to fit the new BMW i8 which is scheduled to debut somewhere in 2013 with a hybrid powertrain which consists of an electric engine, of course, but also with a petrol unit, not the diesel turbo propeller as we expected. This decision is little confusing as [...]

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