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BMW i3s Are Now Equipping the London Fire Brigade

BMW i3s Are Now Equipping the London Fire Brigade

Slowly but surely, the BMW i3 is becoming the most preferred model for all kind different social sector like state police or fire brigade. And the last social unit to receive a whole fleet of BMW i3s is no other than London Fire Brigade. The London Fire Brigade considered that […]

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2 years ago
2015 BMW i3

2015 BMW i3 Now Available from $43,350 in the United States

The BMW German based carmaker has announced that the 2015 i3 electric car will come with an increased price in the United States, both for the standard i3 as well as for the i3 REx, even if no performance changes were announced. But how come the high pricing? First off, […]

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BMW i3 REx check engine light

The BMW i3 REx already reporting issues

From the very start, when BMW announced the small electric city car, the i3, things were looking rather good for them. Now, a full month after the Range Extended version started deliveries in the US, the i3 has had so much praise and so many good reviews, that something was […]

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5 years ago
BMW i3 REx

James May Planning to Buy BMW i3 REx

The one man show, James May, the host of one of the most popular car show, has big plans concerning the purchase of a BMW i3 REx (Range Extender). Even if James May is that critic that really pulls the heart of every car, when it comes to hybrids and […]

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