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The BMW i3 REx already reporting issues

From the very start, when BMW announced the small electric city car, the i3, things were looking rather good for them. Now, a full month after the Range Extended version started deliveries in the US, the i3 has had so much praise and so many good reviews, that something was bound to happen. This bit [...]

BMW i3 models with range extender delayed because of faulty sticker

Even before the BMW i3 was released, the Bavarian car maker expected that the range extender version would be far more popular than the fully electric one. Unfortunately, many REx (Range Extended) i3 units were held up in port because they are sporting the wrong sticker on the windshield. As funny as this sounds, this [...]

BMW i3 with range extender spied

A few days ago, I talked to you about the pros and cons of the new BMW i3 and its range extender. But until September comes, you won’t have to worry about that. Right now let’s see what the new batch of spy shots tells us. Seen recently leaving the production plant in Leipzig, this [...]

BMW i3 brings bad news

There have been many hybrids and full electric vehicles announced or launched these weeks. One of the highlights might be considered the BMW i3. The numbers say that with a full charge, you will be able to do around 220km before the juice runs out. And some complained that it isn’t enough, so BMW gave [...]

BMW i3 to get range-extending engine

Today we get the first informaion on the optional range-extending engine, a feature which should become available in the near future for the BMW i3. This engine is very likely to be a two-cylinder gasoline unit borrowed from BMW Motorrad. Thanks to the additional powertrain, BMW i3′s driving range should be extended from 161 km [...]

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