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United States: BMW to Sell 336 i3 units in July Alone

We all knew that the BMW i3 electric would be a success worldwide, but especially on the United States market, where the carmaker succeeded selling exactly 336 units in July alone. The sales program remains healthy, after the BMW German based automaker also managed to sell 358 in June, with the company also to stock [...]

BMW i3 Electric Comes with Heavy Production to Keep Up with High Demands

BMW has decided to increase the production for the i3 electric model, since there are mode demands to cope with. The fresh new out of the box BMW i3 electric has been so successful for the last couple of months, that an increase in production is mandatory at the factory where it is assembled. Harald [...]

Halle Berry Driving a Hot BMW i3 Electric

The BMW i3 Electric is now even more famous, since Hollywood actors and actress seem to favor this wonderful vehicle. It was also the case of famous actress Hale Berry who was recently seen driving an i3 electric on the American public roads. Halle Berry was driving the car which is being used on the [...]

BMW i3 Electric to Be Priced as the 3-Series in the US

Top executives at BMW stated that the German luxury car manufacturer is expecting the i3 electric to share the same price as the 3-Series in the United States. The first electric car that BMW has launched will be available in the US starting this May, and the automaker is spending billions on the developing of [...]

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