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BMW lets us know what the i8 comes equipped with

Once the performance figures were revealed, many people wondered why BMW insisted calling the i8 a “sportscar”. Still, many people also backed up the manufacturer, including world famous journalist Jeremy Clarkson, who placed it 2nd in his sportscar top. So why is it so special then? Well besides what we already know, namely the heavily [...]

The BMW i5 highly dependent on i3 success

For a while now, BMW has been circulating news about a third name for their brand new i sub-branch, namely the i5. But while they have already confirmed plans for this model, they have yet to green light its production. The reason behind this is the fact that the German car maker is not yet [...]

BMW bringing i models to India

I have recently seen a map detailing human concentrations on earth, and while Europe isn’t all that well, one look at Asia and you know where the majority of people live. But this is common knowledge, just like the fact that among Asian countries, India is the most densely populated. This also translates into a [...]

BMW i3 proves to be cheaper on the long run

It is a known fact that the BMW i3 uses a lot of new tech the car maker developed especially for the electrical city car. Some feared that, while the car itself isn’t that cheap on its own, maintaining it could also prove to be quite expensive. Or maybe not, as Manuel Satting, BMW i’s [...]

BMW going for Auto Motor und Sport prize

It seems that BMW is awaiting verdict from one of Germany’s more prominent car magazines, with special attention to the newcomers, the i3 and i8. I am speaking of Auto Motor und Sport, which is gearing up to pass judgement for the 2014 Car of the Year Award. This is quite the prestigious award, and [...]

BMW i3 gets the Euro NCAP test and result

The time is finally here when the brand new electric city car from BMW earns its safety points from the Euro NCAP. And for all the technology that went into it, and its CFRP body, it still has a lot of issues, managing 4 stars when the tests were concluded. While the carbon fiber body [...]

BMW i8 wins another prize: Design of the Year Award

There is one thing we just have to appreciate about BMW, even beyond the great quality of their products, and that is the way they keep true to a concept. Whenever a car maker releases a concept of a certain model, it passes several stages before reaching production form, and that final form usually is [...]

BMW brings the i3 and i8 to America

While Europe is already enjoying the i3 and has seen plenty of the i8 sportscar, the American market had to made due with only what the internet offered. Well, no more, as the German car maker has finally brought the two models on display at the Los Angeles Motor Show. While the first peaks were [...]

New photos of the BMW i8

With the BMW i8 hybrid sportscar rapidly approaching it launch date, more and more pictures emerge on the internet. A recent batch of photos caught the BMW i8 in the wild. That is, the streets of various German cities. Along with this new set of photos we also get to see the i8 sport new [...]

BMW i8 set to make an American debut at the LA Auto Show

The brand new line of vehicles from the Bavarian car maker have been making news all over the world. Both the BMW i3 and i8 were designed from the ground up as electric, respectively hybrid vehicles, and they bear the promise to change the industry. With the BMW i8 sportscar already presented to the world [...]

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