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BMW moving the hydrogen 7-Series tests in laboratory

In the absence of adequate infrastructure, BMW give up the road tests for Hydrogen 7 in favor for laboratory tests, organized under controlled conditions and at lower costs. Bavarians from BMW have decided to move the tests of 7-Series Hydrogen from the road in their laboratories. The reason for those from BMW dropped the road [...]

BMW will not launch a new generation “Hydrogen 7″

BMW officials said in an interview for Handelsblatt, a German magazine, that they will not produce a new generation of Hydrogen 7 based on the current BMW 7-Series. Future projects of Bavarians will focus on reducing CO2 emissions. Klaus Draeger, BMW Head of Development, said in the interview that German car maker will not create [...]

BMW Hydrogen 7 – Climate Change Conference

At the 2008 Climate Change conference, the BMW Hydrogen 7 was the main attraction, being the official vehicle for the gathering. 21 units of this car were used for this presentation and their CO2 emissions are practically nonexistent. Another important car was the new Mini E which is currently used by 500 people from all [...]

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