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BMW Concept X5 eDrive ready for New York

BMW released additional details on the Concept X5 eDrive, a prototype revealed for the first time last year but ready for a comeback at this year’s edition of the New York Auto Show. In fact, we talk about a revised concept which now benefits from 20-inch alloy wheels, new roof rails, a Silverflake metallic finish [...]

BMW to use electricity to reach CO2 standards

For a while now, the new European regulation on CO2 emissions have been a sore point for BMW, as by 2020 they will have to average 95 g/km. As this target is almost impossible to reach while still keeping true to BMW’s motto, the German car maker decided to use electric solutions on more models. [...]

The next generation BMW 1 series to considerably reduce CO2 emissions

If you always wanted to have a BMW 1 series yet its less eco-friendly features made a serious turn off, things are about to change, with the German car maker announcing some welcomed adjustments on this chapter. Sources from BMW Group confirmed that a new version of 1 series is currently under construction, the final [...]

BMW to share a new hybrid powertrain with Mini

Mainly trying to reduce the production costs or for any other reason, the Germans from BMW will create a new hybrid powertrain that will be shared with the British sub-brand Mini. According to the first details, the new hybrid powertrain will use of course the electric engine and the 1.6-liter petrol unit able to develop [...]

BMW has plans in U.S. with the ActiveE

Here we got some awesome official news and I tried not to tell you this through the title of this article so that I will tell you in the content of this post. Yes, as you can see in the title, BMW has some plans in the U.S. market with the BMW ActiveE. The first [...]

VIDEO: BMW ActiveHybrid 5 – Front, Rear and Side Views

We presented you here the official images and details provided by BMW for the ActiveHybrid based on 5-Series, known as ActiveHybrid 5. Now we will see the ActiveHybrid 5 in some presentation videos. BMW has developed a number of strategies to control the hybrid system of the new model based 5-Series and one of them [...]

Official: BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Concept – Details and Photos

BMW presented the first pictures and informations of the ActiveHybrid 5 Concept, the model that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show. BMW presented the first official images of its ActiveHybrid 5 Concept version. The model is the hybrid version of the 5-Series F10 and is expected to go into production somewhere in 2011. The [...]

BMW 5 Series hybrid confirmed for the Geneva Auto Show

Yes, we have confirmed that the BMW 5 Series is going to come with the hybrid version of it at the Geneva Auto Show. What we need are not pictures because I guess it will look just like the normal BMW 5 Series but we need to know many details. Now I would usually tell [...]

BMW preparing a hybrid with 2 engines

A sketch of the latest patent registered by BMW, reveals the German’s intentions to revolutionize hybrid’s segment with a new chassis that uses the energy of two conventional engines, not one. After the design of the future Mini Countryman was betrayed by the drawings submitted for patent’s validation, another manufacturer made public sees its future [...]

BMW ActiveHybrid 7 will be first available to VIPs

I consider this news very bad and awful and not because I would like to buy a BMW ActiveHybrid 7 but for those people who intend to buy a BMW ActiveHybrid 7. Why? Because I like to consider that we are all equals and with the news that first will be available only for VIPs, [...]

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