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BMW GINA Concept Revived at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta

BMW`s fans will always remember the GINA Concept model that was first introduced as a test mule back in 2001 and gained its success as a concept car only in 2008. Now, you have the chance to see the BMW GINA Concept at the Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas exhibition, which will take place [...]

Russian render of a BMW Sports Coupe

BMW concepts always incite the mind, BMW renders almost do better. To this respect the latest render to come from Russian designer Krasnov Igor. This time, Igor unleashed his creativity on our favorite manufacturer’s coupe, more importantly a very extravagant BMW supercar. While you might not see a way for extravagance to fit BMW’s design, [...]

BMW GINA Concept

I was looking on our blog and also at some BMW concepts and then I realized that we never talked to you about the BMW GINA Concept which is my favorite concept from all concepts built by BMW and I’m sure that 99% of the people that will read this post will know already the [...]

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