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This year’s Bimmerfest hosted at Rose Bowl stadium on May 17th

The BMW fanbase is large enough to make regular gatherings a viable option, and when it comes to the Unites States, no gathering is bigger than Bimmerfest. And every fan is welcome, owner of an actual Bimmer or not. This year’s iteration will be held on the same date as 2013, May 17th, and the [...]

2013 Bimmerfest caught on film by EAS

One of the biggest gatherings of BMW enthusiasts takes place in the United States, proving they have a closely knit and very devoted fan base for the German car maker. Pasadena was assaulted by BMW owners and not only coming from all over the nation, driving even thousands of miles just to take part in [...]

BMW Innovation Days 2009 Interior, Infotainment, Mobility.

We find from Official Release some informations about improvments that may be necessary. Official Release: “Walking up to your car – particularly at night – the first thing you notice once you have unlocked the car by remote control is the interior lights coming on. And precisely this was the starting point for the BMW [...]

Special event by BMW for July 8th, Never stand still

On 8th July 2008, BMW plans to build a big installation at the Red Square in Moscow and for that they launched a trailer today. We think that the new BMW 7 series is hidding behind that enormous building. But July 8th isn’t that far so we’ll have to wait and see. We found some [...]

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