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BMW Mexican Wave

New video from BMW

Sports fans out there, and not only, know what a Mexican wave is, and if you ever took part in one, you know the effect it can have on a team. Seeing thousands of fans doing the wave can spur even the most fatigued of teams to a victory. So […]

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5 years ago
BMW "Don't Text and Drive" Campaign

VIDEO: BMW’s new awareness campaign: “Don’t Text and Drive”

BMW is launching a new campaign addressed to all the drivers who are nothing paying enough attention when they are behind the steering wheel. The new awareness campaign kicked off by the Bavarians touches a really important problem of these days as, according to some reports, more than 100,000 crashes […]

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7 years ago
BMW M5 video commercial with Madonna

BMW M5 video commercial with Madonna

First I have to admit that video is 2 years old but it deserves a lot to be reminded because it is very funny and if you are smart enough, it is also very interesting because it shows up the abilities of BMW M5 E39 which can be considered the […]

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8 years ago