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BMW Brilliance partnership

BMW and Brilliance will work together for 10 more years

Recent news indicate that the collaboration between the German car maker BMW and its Chinese counterpart, Brilliance, has been extended for an additional 10 years. This was not an expected move, as the contract between the two was set to run for 4 more years before it needed renewal. As […]

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4 years ago
BMW - Brilliance

BMW will be expanding their engine production in China

I can’t help but think that the more or less subtle war between the three German automotive giants is the reason they all offer splendid models and services. While you can’t really point to any one of them and say he has won it, each year can bring new victories […]

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4 years ago
BMW China

China to be BMW’s largest market

BMW is a worldwide known brand, and its premium vehicles reached millions of people. But depending on the region, sales can come natural or the car maker has to work for them. Until now, the biggest market for BMW was USA, but it seems that China has finally closed the […]

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5 years ago
BMW China Market

BMW growing bigger and bigger on China’s market

To those who were anxiously looking into BMW’s marketing strategies on the Asian market, things have started to move again. After the introduction of the new BMW 3 series GT on what is considered to be the world’s largest auto market, the officials make bold future predictions. According to BMW […]

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BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Blue Edition

BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Blue arrives in China, starts from $210,000

BMW announced the introduction of a special edition based on the M3 Coupe. We talk about the BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Blue, a model which hits the Chinese market with a quite steep pricing tag of 1,29M Yuan or $210,000. With a total of 40 units to be produced, the […]

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5 years ago
Brilliance Auto

China will see 100 million EUR investment from BMW

China is rapidly growing from an economic point of view, and that includes the car making industry. Aware of this fact, the big car companies try to get a piece of the cake. But in order to make money, you have to spend some, and BMW sure is spending. Chinese […]

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BMW China

China might be taxing luxury cars

After South Korea made BMW’s life easier by passing certain laws to help reduce the price of European vehicles, another law in Asia might do the opposite. China is set to implement a new law that will increase the taxes of luxury cars. Said law will affect cars that wear […]

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BMW in China

BMW has set out to study China

Today, if you are a car maker and you don’t sell your products in China, than you are missing out on some serious business. China’s car market has become the largest in the world, grabbing a lot of attention from most automotive giants. Being one of those giants, BMW has […]

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BMW Plant

BMW to produce 2 million vehicles a year by 2020

The Germans from BMW plan to increase the global production and sell more than 2 million units a year by 2020. In order to make this happen, the Bavarians will expand the production outside of Germany, in countries such as the U.S. and China. These statements were made by BMW […]

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7 years ago

Second half of the year to bring new sales growth in China

We’ve recently talked about BMW’s all-time sales record reported for the first six months of 2011. The last month was also the most profitable ever with 165,855 units sold, an increase of almost 16% comparing to the same period of the last year. The Asian market returned an increase of […]

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