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BMW is the automaker that most suppliers want to do business with

According to the 6th annual Automotive News Europe/SupplierBusiness OEM-Supplier Relations Study the Bavarians at BMW AG are the automaker that most suppliers want to do business with. This new survey shows that BMW rose to the top spot which if you consider that last year it ranked fifth.

BMW still second place for sales in the U.S.

BMW haven’t managed to overtake Lexus as top seller in the United States over the past ten decade despite a great product lineup. This year however, Lexus have suffered quite a bit due to the company recalls.

BMW and Daimler fighting for the top in electric cars chapter

The competition becomes fierce between Daimler AG and BMW AG, since both compete for obtaining production series for small electric cars. Both want to rectify the reputation of manufacturers of high performance luxury car but inefficient when it comes to fuel. Daimler and BMW have a while based on the V8 used on the BMW [...]

BMW will be present at UN Climate Change Conference

BMW will take part in period 7 to 18 December at the UN Climate Change Conference climate summit in Copenhagen. There will be activities for fighting against climate change, BMW will also provide environment friendly cars for UN shuttle service. Dr Norbert Reithofer, BMW AG’s Chairman of the Board of Management said that they are [...]

Honda is quitting F1 – BMW responds

Honda has officially announced that they are quitting F1 racing definitively. The economic crisis had a negative effect on Honda, dropping the sales more than 30% in the last months. They have decided to keep their business intact by pulling out of F1. Dr. Klaus Draeger from BMW AG, has declared that BMW regrets this [...]

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