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BMW announces detailed information on the ActiveE limited series

As you probably know, the electric model known as ActiveE which is based on the current 1 Series Coupe will be available starting this fall in a limited series of around 700 units. Earlier this year, the Bavarians from BMW released the official pricing for the new electric ActiveE, and in the same time, announced [...]

BMW releases the leasing price for the ActiveE electric model

The Germans from BMW decided to release the leasing price for the new ActiveE, the electric model that won’t be available for the large audience unfortunately. There is no secret that the new BMW ActiveE is designed just for specific people and companies and there is a limited amount of vehicles to be made. Today, [...]

BMW introduced ActiveE at Geneva, expected to go on sale later this year

Together with the new BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept and the new Design Pure Balance package designed for the current generation Z4, BMW also unveiled the well-known ActiveE, an electric model based on the current 1 Series Coupe. BMW is planning to start the orders for ActiveE EV in the coming months but unfortunately they will [...]

BMW ActiveE electric vehicle comes as Geneva Motor Show

We recently announced that BMW decided to unveil the new 6 Series Coupe (F12) at the Shanghai Auto Show, an important decision considering that the new model will debut in China and not in Europe. However, at the upcoming European auto show, at Geneva, BMW kept some firsts for the European audience. Among others, the [...]

BMW ActiveE concept motto restricted by the ASA

ASA, the Advertising Standards Authority, claimed that BMW don’t play fair when they use their “zero emissions” motto for their ActiveE electric model. Thus, the authority told below restricted the German manufacturer to use anymore this slogan. Even there are alot of automotive manufacturers that are developing this kind of zero emissions vehicle, since now, [...]

More news on the BMW Megacity

It’s only been about three weeks since we’ve had confirmation of the first BMW series-production of an electric-vehicle coming to the market with the launch of the Megacity Vehicle, scheduled for 2013. Back then, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer stated that this BMW will move the bar and set a new industry tone as the Megacity [...]

BMW supports Germany’s target for electric vehicles

Germany is home to the Autobahn, some of the best feats of car engineering on the planet and one of the “greenest” countries in the world. In keeping of that last aspect, the German government has announced that they are hoping to get one million electric vehicles on the country’s roads by 2020.

BMW has plans in U.S. with the ActiveE

Here we got some awesome official news and I tried not to tell you this through the title of this article so that I will tell you in the content of this post. Yes, as you can see in the title, BMW has some plans in the U.S. market with the BMW ActiveE. The first [...]

First BMW Electric Cars starting 2013

BMW announced that will enter the market in 2013 two electric models: ActiveE and Megacity. In this sense, the factory in Lepizig will focus exclusively on the production of electric vehicles. The ActiveE is based on 1-Series and Megacity apparently is a version of Isetta. BMW factory in Lepzig was opened in 2005, and according [...]

BMW may launch a series version of ActiveE until 2014

German manufacturer BMW could develop a production version of the ActiveE concept, which will rival the new Mercedes A-Klasse and Audi A1. Bavarians from BMW will create a rival to A-Klasse alongside another model of comparable size by 2014. Most likely, the new model will belong to premium segment of the small class, as Audi [...]

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