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BMW releases the leasing price for the ActiveE electric model

The Germans from BMW decided to release the leasing price for the new ActiveE, the electric model that won’t be available for the large audience unfortunately. There is no secret that the new BMW ActiveE is designed just for specific people and companies and there is a limited amount of vehicles to be made. Today, [...]

BMW ActiveE electric vehicle comes as Geneva Motor Show

We recently announced that BMW decided to unveil the new 6 Series Coupe (F12) at the Shanghai Auto Show, an important decision considering that the new model will debut in China and not in Europe. However, at the upcoming European auto show, at Geneva, BMW kept some firsts for the European audience. Among others, the [...]

First BMW Electric Cars starting 2013

BMW announced that will enter the market in 2013 two electric models: ActiveE and Megacity. In this sense, the factory in Lepizig will focus exclusively on the production of electric vehicles. The ActiveE is based on 1-Series and Megacity apparently is a version of Isetta. BMW factory in Lepzig was opened in 2005, and according [...]

BMW and Daimler fighting for the top in electric cars chapter

The competition becomes fierce between Daimler AG and BMW AG, since both compete for obtaining production series for small electric cars. Both want to rectify the reputation of manufacturers of high performance luxury car but inefficient when it comes to fuel. Daimler and BMW have a while based on the V8 used on the BMW [...]

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