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BMW ActiveE concept motto restricted by the ASA

ASA, the Advertising Standards Authority, claimed that BMW don’t play fair when they use their “zero emissions” motto for their ActiveE electric model. Thus, the authority told below restricted the German manufacturer to use anymore this slogan. Even there are alot of automotive manufacturers that are developing this kind of zero emissions vehicle, since now, [...]

BMW may launch a series version of ActiveE until 2014

German manufacturer BMW could develop a production version of the ActiveE concept, which will rival the new Mercedes A-Klasse and Audi A1. Bavarians from BMW will create a rival to A-Klasse alongside another model of comparable size by 2014. Most likely, the new model will belong to premium segment of the small class, as Audi [...]

BMW and Daimler fighting for the top in electric cars chapter

The competition becomes fierce between Daimler AG and BMW AG, since both compete for obtaining production series for small electric cars. Both want to rectify the reputation of manufacturers of high performance luxury car but inefficient when it comes to fuel. Daimler and BMW have a while based on the V8 used on the BMW [...]

The Technology of BMW ActiveE

As we were writing in previous article we are dealing with the first electric car from BMW, that is BMW ActiveE. Its engine uses lithium-ion battery pack located in the rear axle, battery pack developed with help by SB LiMotive. Capable to develop 170 hp (125kW) and 250 Nm, BMW ActiveE feature high technology and [...]

BMW ActiveE Concept – More Photos, Details, Video

We presented you in the previous article that the BMW ActiveE Electric concept will be introduced at Detroit Motor Show. BMW ActiveE Concept is the second complete electric vehicle from BMW Group, after MINI E, and is based on 1-Series. After the successful launch of the pilot program MINI E, BMW announced the start of [...]

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