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BMW and owners celebrate 25 years of the 8 Series

25 years have already passed since BMW first introduced the 8 Series to the world, and both BMW owners and staff of the car maker have gathered at the Welt to celebrate. Looking at it now and trying to judge the BMW 8 Series by today’s standards would be a shame, as the passing of [...]

BMW just revisited its 8 Series – Why would that be?

It was only a few days ago when we have all witnessed BMW revisit of the popular 8 series. While it all came down to a video of three minutes, the decision had a major impact on those trying to have a glimpse of the real purpose of the officials. Many of you may already [...]

BMW Korea: Free Checkup Campaign

As we’ve mentioned before, BMW has always tried hard to take care of it’s customers so that they would not have any worries regarding the mechanical aspect of the cars they have bought. But what will happen with the cars after they will not be eligible to the BMW Ultimate Service? Let’s take a look [...]

2010 BMW 8 Series

BMW really wants to raise the manufacturing started by employing more workers in BMW Plants and started making new BMW models: first was 2011 BMW 0 Series (you can see a sketch here) and now they are making an 8 Series. At the 8 Series they really developed the ideea and there are a lot [...]

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