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2017 BMW 5-Series Touring Spied

2017 BMW 5-Series Touring Spied

The 2017 BMW 5-Series is ready to receive the Touring version, which will emerge on the market somewhere in the first quarter of 2016, coming as a 2017 year model. A test mule with the 2017 BMW 5-Series Touring has been spotted while undergoing some heavy tests, all wrapped in [...]

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23 days ago
2017 BMW 5-Series Video Spy Snapshot

2017 BMW 5-Series Gets New Spy Video on the Ring

A new generation of the present 5-Series is currently under intense testing on the German Ring, just as this new spy video is showing us today. This one seen here is a 5-Series prototype resembling the newly unveiled 7-Series. It seems that the German based BMW will launch the new [...]

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G30 BMW 5-Series Spy Shot

G30 BMW 5-Series Received the Green Light for Magna Graz Production Line

BMW will launch the G30 BMW 5-Series somewhere in 2016 with the model to be built at the Magna Graz factory, in Austria, with around 70,000 vehicles to leave the factory each year. Along with the stock version, the long-wheelbase China model will be also manufactured in Shenyang factory. BMW [...]

52 days ago
2017 BMW 5-Series Spy Video on the Ring

2017 BMW 5-Series Spy Video on the Ring

BMW is heavily testing the seven-gen 5-Series on the tracks at Nurburgring and the real proof that the model is soon to arrive as the 2017 model, is the spy video below, provided by the guys from the motor Authority online publication. As seen in the spy video, the 2017 [...]

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G30 BMW 5-Series Spy Shot

G30 BMW 5-Series Spied on the Ring

BMW is currently working on the upcoming G30 BMW 5-Series, the model being caught on some new spy shots on the Ring for some last tests, before entering the market next year. The spy shots and the information with the new 5-Series were provided by AutoGespot online auto magazine. As [...]

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2017 BMW 5-Series Spy Shot

2017 BMW 5-Series Spy Shots on the Ring

The upcoming 2017 BMW 5-Series was recently the subject of some new spy shots carried out on the tracks at Nurburgring, while the model was performing some heavy testing, before heading to the production line next summer. The test mule with the new-gen 5-Series is all wrapped in camouflage, meaning [...]

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2017 BMW 5-Series – New Rendering Launched

2017 BMW 5-Series – New Rendering Launched

After being caught on shots at Nurburgring performing some track tests a couple of weeks ago, the 2017 BMW 5-Series is popping-up in our news again, this time the model being showcased in a rendering revealed by Top Speed. The rendering with the 2017 BMW 5-Series is meant to show [...]

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F10 BMW 550i by Fostla & PP-Performance

F10 BMW 550i tuned by Fostla and PP-Performance

Even though the F10 BMW 5-Series can be considered “old”, mainly because of the wide range of models introduced in the past months, the tuners at Fostla and PP-Performance thinks that it still deserves some love. That’s why they developed a comprehensive tuning kit for the BMW 550i. At the [...]

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251 days ago
2016 G30 BMW 5-Series

2016 G30 BMW 5-Series Caught on Video

The long-rumored 2016 G30 BMW 5-Series was recently caught on a video while performing some tests on the Autobahn, before decided for the market somewhere next year. We are talking about a test mule featuring some camouflage and going on some road tests on the German Autobahn, the highway with [...]

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BMW Future Models Coming with More Prominent Styling and Unique Identity

BMW Future Models Coming with More Prominent Styling and Unique Identity

BMW has received a lot of criticism concerning the current generation models, according to which all of them come with rather the same styling for models like the 3-, the 5- as well as the 7-Series. And to change this status-quo, representatives at BMW stated that starting with the future [...]

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2017 G31 BMW 5-Series

2017 G31 BMW 5-Series Caught on Shots

The 2017 G31 BMW 5-Series was recently caught on shots in Germany, while performing some public road tests in camouflage. The shots taken here with the upcoming BMW 5-Series are revealing the model wrapped in heavy camouflage, meaning that it will come with some important design changes. Overall, the 2017 [...]

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BMW 5-Series 518d

BMW 5-Series 518d and 520d Coming with Engine Upgrades

The BMW German based automaker has announced some significant upgrades in terms of performance for the 5-Series 518d and 520d versions. First off, the BMW 518d has received the fresh 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo diesel, now developing 150 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque, which is 6 horsepower more than the [...]

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BMW 5-Series

Future BMW 5-Series Might Be Coming with Quad-Turbocharged Engine

There are some reports leaked these days stating that the next-gen BMW 5-Series might be coming with a high-performance quad-turbocharged unit. The reports were launched by the German magazine Autobild, saying that the present N57S unit fitted on the M550d version might have great chances of being replaced with a [...]

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BMW 5-Series

BMW adds new 2.0-liter engines to the 5-Series lineup

BMW announced two new 2.0-liter diesel engines that will be available on the current 5-Series starting this summer. The BMW 518d will get the 148hp version while a more potent 188hp engine will be seen on the BMW 520d. If you opt for the entry-level unit of these two, sprinting [...]

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Over 25.000 BMW units have brake issues

It seems that not every bit of news that comes from BMW’s endeavor in China is good news, as the new issues would suggest. Set to affect 25.254 Bimmers in China, this is quite a widespread problem, but one that BMW will undoubtedly get done fast. The issue seems to [...]

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Qoros 5 Series Rival

China to build a BMW 5 Series rival

For as long as the media allowed us, we have known that China is pretty adept at making cheap copies of pretty much anything. The same thing was with cars, with the Asian country being the home to many lookalike vehicles from Volkswagen to Rolls-Royce. And while the aspect of [...]

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BMW automated Parking Assistant

Fall of 2013 brings updated ConnectedDrive for 5 Series and X5

BMW’s ConnectedDrive feature has already built a strong following, bringing today’s driver closer to the permanent connectivity that is shaping up around the globe. Pretty soon, the ConnectedDrive on 5 Series and X5 will be updated to include fully automatic Parking Assistant and Driving Assistant Plus which comes with Traffic [...]

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E60 BMW Diesel Engine

BMW hits 30 years of bright history with diesel power

1983 was the year that market a memorable moment in the history of BMW. The German car maker proudly presented at that time the 524td sedan, a premiere as it was the first unit of Bavarian Motors to have diesel powering. While you may be tempted to believe that BMW [...]

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BMW 5 Series by JMS

F10 BMW 5 Series tuned by JMS

JMS released details on a new tuning package, this time for the BMW 5 Series sedan, a model known as F10. The new package brings a series of exterior and interior tweaks with no further performance improvements. To begin with, the German tuner provides a new lip spoiler, larger 20-inch [...]

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BMW Brilliance Venture

Brilliance will be using BMW tech to build engines

By now, everyone must have heard about the Brilliance – BMW joint venture that is active on the Chinese market. With so many models coming out on either Chinese or European markets, BMW is hard pressed to keep everything under control. So, in order to control the quality of the [...]

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