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Extra Photos Plus Extra Few Details on BMW 5 Series LWB launched in China

We talked quite alot about the BMW 5 Series long-wheelbase version launched in China. From the first details about the fact that BMW will release a version with increased wheelbase for the Chinese market, through the official details about the Chinese BMW 5 Series LWB and a video presentation for the BMW 5 Series LWB. [...]

VIDEO: BMW 5 Series LWB in China

BMW has released the version with increased wheelbase of the 5 Series model, exclusively for the Chinese market. The model increased by 14 inches in wheelbase. After the extension of the new 5 Series wagon, BMW shows exclusively for the Chinese audience another derivative long awaited by Asian audiences, great lover of variants with increased [...]

BMW 5-Series with increased wheelbase to debute in China

The Chinese market will get next months an increased wheelbase version of the new BMW 5 Series. The sedan will increase in length by about 12 centimeters. The Bavarian manufacturer will soon unveil the LWB (Long Wheel Base) version of the sedan, most likely within the Motor Show in Beijing, to meet Chinese customers, big [...]

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