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2015 BMW 2-Series Convertible Caught on Shots

The BMW 2-Series was numerously caught on camera, first with the M235i showing off on the roads, while the 2-Series Convertible was also the star of some spied shots. The BMW 2-Series Convertible seen in the shots, will replace the 1-Series Convertible, resembling its coupe sibling exactly, except for the soft-top roof folding in just [...]

All-new BMW 2 Series Convertible spotted on the streets

It seems that BMW it’s still testing the Convertible version of the new BMW 2 Series as the German car was spotted again on the streets. Thanks to the sunny day, the prototype was spied with the top down during final tests. In terms of styling, the open-top model will be very similar to its [...]

F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible caught on camera during testing

Today we get a new batch of spy shots with the upcoming BMW 2 Series Convertible, a model known internally as F23. As you probably know, the new BMW 2 Series is based on the well-known F20 1 Series model. At this point, you will ask why the Germans at BMW decided to build a [...]

The 2014 BMW 2 Series spied in Germany

Here we have the first spy photos of the upcoming BMW 2 Series, a model which will replace the current 1 Series range, most probably in 2013. As we can see in these photos, we talk about a Convertible model which uses the same power soft-top. Another noticeable aspect is that the new model is [...]

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