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BMW 2-Series Active Tourer with xDrive is real now

BMW officially announced the introduction of the xDrive system on the 2-Series Active Tourer, making this model the first front-wheel drive model to gain the xDrive system. The four-wheel drive system will be available only on the 220d and 225i models. In the diesel version, fuel economy figures are rated at 4,8 liters/100 km with [...]

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Reviewed by BMW Product Manager

During the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer media launch in Innsbruck, Austria, the BMW Product Manager Jochen Schmalholz, had the chance to explain the Active Tourer in some more details. First off, as Schmalholz mentions, the “BMW concept” might be somehow lost with the unveiling of the latest 2-Series Active Tourer with front-wheel drive, the chief [...]

BMW 2-Series Hybrid Prototype Caught on Shots at Nurburgring

The BMW 2-Serries Hybrid prototype is ending up in our news again, as the model in question was caught on shots while performing some track tests at Nurburgring. The BMW 2-Series Hybrid model was first rumored during the International Media Launch, where the German carmaker launched its 2-Series Active Tourer front-wheel drive model, with the [...]

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer prepares for UK debut

The new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is scheduled to debut in the United Kingdom this month, a good opportunity for BMW to release new photos and an official presentation video. As a reminder, the new model measures 4,3 meters in length and 1,8 meters in width with a trunk capacity of 1,510 liters when whe [...]

BMW 2-Series Family Tourer Launched Online in Render Image

A first render image with the future BMW 2-Series Family Tourer has just emerged on the web, giving us a look on how the future family car will look like. With the 2-Series Active Tourer being launched at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show this March, the German automaker is now planning to introduce a new [...]

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Launched in Imperial Blue Metallic

The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is ending up in our news again, this time the model being seen in the United Kingdom, in Imperial Blue Metallic finish. The BMW UK has specially customized this impressive BMW 2-Series Active Tourer for Jenni Falconner, a famous television presenter from Scotland. The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is also [...]

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Available in Australia from 44,400 AUD

The BMW German based luxury automaker has finally launched the 2-Series Active Tourer in Australia, where the model will become available from 44,400 AUD. The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is the company`s first wheel-drive model, coming now on the hot continent, from 44,400 AUD, being thus more expensive than the Mercedes-Benz B-Class B180. For that [...]

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Coming with a Lot of Accessories

With the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer already being launched at the event taking place in Solden the other days, the model is ending up in our news again, this time showcasing the accessories that comes equipped with. The front-wheel drive minivan Active Tourer is fully tweaked with accessories, that would suit your children`s needs, as [...]

Head of BMW States that “Active Tourer will have a conquest rate of around 75 percent”

Frank Niederlaender, the head of product management concerning the front-wheel drive cars, stated for Automotive News Europe that the automaker is expecting a 75 rate percentage regarding sales, for the newly BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. “We are expecting the Active Tourer will have a conquest rate of around 75 percent,” said Frank Niederlaender, head of [...]

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer to bring new customers

It seems that BMW has great plans with the 2-Series Active Tourer. Frank Niederlaender from BMW told in an interview that the new model will attract first-time BMW buyers. The percentage he suggested is quite impressive, saying that 75% of the future BMW 2-Series Active Tourer will be new to the brand. The new BMW [...]

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