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BMW 1M Camouflage Vinyl, Goes Hunting

Remember the extraordinary and the extravagant BMW 1M model, which used to enchant our eyes with exotic paintjobs and engine revving, before hitting the roads in full throttle? Well, a BMW 1M all wrapped in a camouflage vinyl paintjob has recently popped the web, the model looking like being ready to go hunting. We are [...]

BMW M2 Seen Cruising in Beverly Hills

The BMW German based carmaker is ready to make its grand debut with the upcoming BMW M2 sports car, the official replacement of the 1M, at the end of the year, or the beginning of 2016. But until then, it seemed that the BMW M2 is playing around for some tests in the United States, [...]

BMW 1M Frozen Blue Revealed

The BMW 1M remains one of the most wanted and highly valued BMWs in the history of the company, with the model also to be seen wearing the special Frozen Blue paintjob. The BMW 1M in Frozen Blue was seen in Essen, Germany and apparently, the owner has fitted the model with a detuned unit, [...]

Video: F80 BMW M3 Competes BMW 1M Coupe in Drag Race

A video with a drag race between the hot ride F80 BMW M3 and the little BMW 1M has recently popped–out on the web, showcasing the two sports cars racing against each other. Well, let`s have a look at the specifications of the two models and mind that even if the 1M is the smaller [...]

One way to ruin a BMW 1M

There are plenty of photos and videos out there where one BMW or another managed to find its end in quite brutal accidents. And be it on the Nurburgring or just in a back alley, be it the fault of the driver or something else, it is always a sad sight for enthusiasts. But there [...]

BMW 118d into a 1M Replica outputting 550hp

German tuner TJ Fahrzeugdesign has recently transformed a BMW 118d Coupe into a 1M replica, developing a massive 555 horsepower. The tuner company managed to turn the 118d Coupe into a real monster 1M with an inline six-cylinder V10 engine, taken from the previous generation of M5 and M6 models. The company has managed to [...]

BMW 50:50 weight distribution

Whenever a car is designed, engineers have to consider a lot of factors. Depending on the targeted market and the kind of vehicle they want, they must consider performance, luxury, price accessibility, aesthetics or any combination of these factors. In recent years, more fuel efficient vehicles have also seen a rise in demand. And technological [...]

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