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BMW 135i to get the Performance Edition as well

The Germans from BMW recently announced that the new Performance Edition which initially was available only for the 335i is now going to enter the 1 Series range too. This new limited edition comes at a cost of $550 and mainly celebrates the production end of the current 3 Series range. The styling improvements brought [...]

M Version of the BMW 1 Series officially confirmed

Finally there’s an end to all the rumors, guesses and estimates on the faith of the M badged version of the BMW 1 Series. The confirmation came from Dr. Kay Segler, BMW M GmbH’s Managing Director and it took place in an interview given to German online magazine “Auto-News”.

BMW 135i gets some more power

No owner of the E82/E88 BMW 135i bought that car because it was slow but, as always, somebody came up with the idea of giving it more power. The culprits this time come from Great Britain and are maned Superchips Ltd.

BMW 135is will be the powerful 1-Series

A source from BMW said that the sports version of the 135i will bear the name 135is, not M1. The model is expected to begin this autumn. As you know, the Motorsport division of BMW is working on a sports version of the 1-Series coupe. It will be turbocharged and is based on the 135i. [...]

New details about the 2011 BMW 1 Series M

On the internet there have been revealed or better said leaked some more details about the 2011 BMW 1 Series with the M sport package. Segler just said a few time ago that there are no plans for this 2011 BMW 1 Series with the M sport package but as we see, we have some [...]

BMW 135i will get the N55 Engine and the DCT Transmission – Technical Details

From spring 2010, those from BMW will replace the N54 engine from BMW 135i with the new N55 that develops 300 hp and 406 Nm. BMW 135i will get a new engine, N55B30, which will replace the current N54B30. The engine started on the new 5-Series GT, 535i version, and will be also available on [...]

BMW 135i by WheelSTO on video and also details

I know that it is very clear of how much I am about the BMW 1 Series and I’m getting even much more obsessed as I find very interesting new news about this car. This time we will talk about the BMW 135i tuned by WheelSTO. BMW 135i tuned by WheelSTO makes part from those [...]

WSTO tuning kit for BMW 135i Coupe

I invite you to see in this article some photos and a very well done video showing a tuned BMW 135i Coupe, tuning kit being made by WSTO. Tuners from WSTO have made the most spectacular BMW 135i Coupe on the market. American tuners have created a real monster from the BMW model, managing to [...]

Next BMW 1-Series M may have 400 hp

Performance version of BMW 1-Series could hide under the hood a 400-horsepower engine, derived from the current 3.0 bi-turbo. In early November, sources inside BMW confirmed intentions to produce a M version of the 1-Series model. Only one month since then, have already started to appear speculation for the features of the future performance family [...]

2009 BMW 135i Convertible – Road Test

The 135i earns a big checkmark in the performance column. Equipped with BMW’s brilliant twin-turbocharged, 3.0-liter inline-six with 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, the 3700-pound ragtop shoots to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds.

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