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Leaked photos with BMW ActiveHybrid 5

If someone would ask me my favorite ActiveHybrid after something like 6 months, it would probably be this BMW ActiveHybrid 5 because I love the BMW 5 Series but at the same time I love the hybrids built by BMW so this would be in the top of my favorite BMW cars. I also know [...]

More details about BMW 5-Series ActiveHybrid launching at Geneva

BMW has announced that will launch at Geneva Motor Show, the hybrid version of the 5-Series model. ActiveHybrid concept would give rise to a series version in the coming months. With few time before the official opening of the Geneva Motor Show, BMW announces that its stand will host a world premiere that few expected. [...]

BMW may debut the ActiveHybrid 5 concept

Before start talking about this concept, I must say that the 2011 BMW 5 Series is going to start being sold from June in the United States which is great for the 5 Series fans because these are signs that the BMW 5 Series is being very active including this BMW ActiveHybrid 5 which is [...]

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 at the Geneva Auto Show

The doubts or rumors or any other way you want to call it are gone. As you can see in the title, the BMW ActiveHybrid 5 is going to debut at the Geneva auto and I think they did a great job by building another ActiveHybrid and also a great job because they thought at [...]

BMW Active Hybrid 5 Concept may come to Geneva

BMW plans to reveal the ActiveHybrid version of the new BMW 5-Series at Geneva Motor Show in 2010. At the auto show, BMW seems that want to provide other vehicles also, but the manufacturer has chosen to keep silent about this fact for now, more details about this we may find during the following days. [...]

The third ActiveHybrid – 2011 BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid 5

These are great news and as I get used to say when it’s the case, few people talked about this aspect and they didn’t include it in titles so I did this for you hopefully that more people will talk about it so more BMW fans will find out this news. It was pretty expected [...]

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