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Imagine the BMW i10 Megacity

Since BMW themselves are keeping the actual aesthetics of the Megacity (or i10) under total secrecy we’ll have to see ourselves content with what those talented in the area can envision. This artist impression featured here keeps true to the basic idea that this car will be somewhere between the 1 Series and the ActiveE [...]

BMW has plans in U.S. with the ActiveE

Here we got some awesome official news and I tried not to tell you this through the title of this article so that I will tell you in the content of this post. Yes, as you can see in the title, BMW has some plans in the U.S. market with the BMW ActiveE. The first [...]

BMW may launch a series version of ActiveE until 2014

German manufacturer BMW could develop a production version of the ActiveE concept, which will rival the new Mercedes A-Klasse and Audi A1. Bavarians from BMW will create a rival to A-Klasse alongside another model of comparable size by 2014. Most likely, the new model will belong to premium segment of the small class, as Audi [...]

Photos with the BMW ActiveE Concept at the Detroit Auto Show

I guess that at this time, the BMW ActiveE Concept became something like a star but you should know that it deserves this whole because this BMW ActiveE Concept is awesome but better said, the idea is so awesome because at the design, it is just a BMW 1 Series Coupe a little bit modified. [...]

BMW ActiveE Concept Premier

I think this is great news even if the revealing of this car happened with few time ago. Maybe like this BMW ActiveE Concept will become reality and if they rush the things so much, it may happen in the appropriate future which is very great but this is just how I think. More exactly, [...]

BMW ActiveE Concept – More Photos, Details, Video

We presented you in the previous article that the BMW ActiveE Electric concept will be introduced at Detroit Motor Show. BMW ActiveE Concept is the second complete electric vehicle from BMW Group, after MINI E, and is based on 1-Series. After the successful launch of the pilot program MINI E, BMW announced the start of [...]

BMW ActiveE Concept

This is a very intelligent concept and when I read few details and also viewed the photos, I wondered why they didn’t put this car into the ActiveHybrid “family” but at the same time I could find 2 answers: 1 – because this is a full electric car; 2 – because at the moment this [...]

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